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Recent posts by Liutauras Vilda

Aron Gaspar wrote:In my current work I am in the cybersecurity side, but doing mainly administrative work, but i can finish the daily work in 2-3 hours

That might look to you as an unrelated experience you are gaining now, but don't underestimate that. At least to some extent.

In software engineering you are not programming all the time, there are bunch of other things you need to do be able to do:
  • That may include writing technical documentation, i.e. simply documenting what you have done and how, so other person could get a good contextual intro on how to do a task if they were do it
  • Draw diagrams - so the team could get a better understanding of some system or its singular/or more components design, and that could be the basis for the discussions on improvements

  • So what I'm trying to say, if there are 2 hours of regular daily work you need to do - you really can step out of the box and shine more than you think you could.

    Why I'm saying that: these days in the interviews not only your coding skills are assessed, that might be the only one part in the long process, and might be even least significant. You could be asked to talk through your previous work position and explain how you did things, you may be asked to whiteboard something, and guess what - if you were to draw some diagrams now, you'd need just to remember during the interview what you done recently.

    So, despite all that, it is fully understandable you want more exposure in programming as such - that will come. Good luck.

    1 week ago
    When you pass an object to a System.out.println() method, toString() method gets called of the passed object.

    Do you still have toString() method overridden/implemented in the Student class? If not, that's what you get.

    Akash bhamri wrote:Is there any method to call the values instead of there address directly?

    I think overriding toString() method is the right approach.
    1 week ago
    I'd also add a comment to a method, what that merge means in this context, by providing an example.
    2 weeks ago
    I'd question also the design of the method.

    Consider if that's the option you want to explore.
    2 weeks ago

    Dave Murph wrote:

    Do you really need in those else if blocks the compound conditions? Could you work out the simplification?
    2 weeks ago

    Mikalai Zaikin wrote:Basically, your face must be fully open and visible to the camera during the whole exam: you may not scratch your head, cover your mouth with your hand -- you will get a warning from the proctor.

    I'm surprised there are no legal issues with such requirements. It could be simply a nervous teak or more serious illness, which couldn't be controlled by the person. Despite all that - sounds like a bad option anyway.

    Tan Quang wrote:(Example: You multiply 1000 by 2.5, the result will be 2500, but if you cast 2.5 to int you will only multiply by 2 because it will remove the decimal part, the result is 2000, the error is too big)

    I'm a bit confused by this thread. So what is not too big error in your domain?
    2 weeks ago
    It has been pointed out earlier. Could you please add code tags when posting the code.
    2 weeks ago
    I'm not sure what exact procedure you are following, but I normally have (regardless of IDE or if you have it at all) a git installed (command line tool for git).

    Then again, I personally never pull an initial repository via IDE, I simply navigate to directory where I want to clone a repository to, and do:

    git clone <repository_path>

    i.e. (if using pwd-protected ssh key; with an https url would be an url...)

    git clone

    And then, if I'm being asked to, I enter the password, but that happened on my system for the very first time (as I presume git saved pwd to its internals). And then, I open cloned project with an IDE (any).

    So, having said all that - can you try to clone it with git, without using NetBeans, as NetBeans really should just wrap those git commands in order to do something similar under the hood anyway. That way you'd potentially narrow the area where the problem is.
    2 weeks ago
    Welcome to the Ranch.

    How far have you got?
    1 month ago
    I think you have no idea about what kind of "big" task it is a talk here. If to mention one of well known services who does address hygiene and standardization and related stuff, is company called Pitney Bowes, made a revenue of 3.4 billion USD back in 2016, for providing the services you wish to implement.

    Now, I'm not a data scientist, but there are such techniques as fuzzy matching, where as you said, some characters could be misspelled/transposed/removed/doubled/you name it, but again, that's complex (very) in its own way, and again, for consolidation tasks, where you may want to consolidate the data on address, you'd need to attempt to hygiene it in some way and standardize it, and we go back again where we started - that's not simple.

    So I think what you are left with if that's an in-house implementation, is to do some tricks, similar to:

    1. Take the address, remove all spaces (maybe special characters), sort characters in the lexicographic order, and calculate the distance (Levenshtein's) between the two addresses - that what comes to my mind first as a blunt solution. But that's not immune to false positives, where two addresses deriving from the same block just different i.e. flats would have a distance of 1, so what do you do then? The same distance would be if in one of same exact addresses some insignificant character would be missed - so, the decision is yours. You could add more complexity to this logic, maybe to check the distance only on non-numeric characters. Many options, many things to consider.

    2. Just removing special characters from addresses and upper casing them, also could cover some percentage of cases, but would leave out many other as well, i.e. missing/misplaced characters.

    Venkattaramana Santhababu wrote:But if there is some basic library that I can use to solve 50% of this problem

    I'm not aware of that. Maybe there are, google it. There are phone normalisation libraries created by Google, who deal with phone normalisation and standardization, but they don't deal with missing or misplaced digits within the phone numbers (what you are essentially looking for) - as that would be a guessing.
    1 month ago
    I don't think anyone going to write the code for you, that looks like a professional business problem to solve.

    Anyway, you never explained the rules to anyone, from the given example isn't very obvious.

    For instance:
    1. Why <PROCESS_TYPE> is not in an output, i.e. "[PROCESS_STRUCT][1]-PROCESS_TYPE"
    2. What is the logic behind the "[PROCESS_STRUCT][n]-UR" being in an output

    As you see, things aren't clear, well, at least for me.

    So you need to put some effort at least in explaining problem a bit more, so somebody might become interested actually tacking this problem together with you.
    1 month ago
    I'm not sure whether the code is copied exactly as it should, but none of the answers are inline with an existing code.
    1 month ago
    1. You can't have two public classes in the same source file. You have MyThread and myTest.
    2. Source filename should match the public class's name.

    Try to fix those and see how it goes then.
    1 month ago