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software developer, moderator at coderanch, a father, husband and nintendo switch owner
London, United Kingdom
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More and more I miss childhood, country side, when the rooster used to wake us up in the mornings. And now we have all this. Get’s scary over the time when you start thinking what can go wrong
2 days ago
How about building the trust with kid and motivating him accordingly whenever he follows the contract between you and him?

In some worse cases you could both agree on some penalty hours/days when computer usage isn't permitted by applying some physical factors by taking out power supply and taking with you in a car, just in case weak moment kicks in.

Or (preferable), how about if you both sit down and build such software and let it be son's and dad's ambitious boys project which you possibly could sell to other parents, so the son could even earn some coins.

After all, I guess kid is learning a lot already and is smart enough if he challenges you. Apparently this is where the world is shifting now --> IT. So these skills won't vanish.

Good luck on whatever goal you are seeking for.
5 days ago

tangara goh wrote:When I run a query to show all the tables in my database.

It shows the table name.

when I run a select * from tablename, it gives me error 1146.

But, when I tried to insert some dummy data, it said it does not exists.

So, I tried to drop the table.  But, it doesn't work either cos it gives me error :1051 unknown table.

Could you please support these statements with some copied/pasted snippets?
Hello CodeRanch community,

Since there is no (yet) an errata for this certification book as book is fairly recently released, please use this thread to keep track of all the mistakes you may find in the book.
It is beneficial to do so, because every reader possibly can have a nice overview of existing found inconsistencies in the book and don't need to think hard trying to understand what is wrong in the particular situations.

When you post an erratum, please provide the page number and as much details as possible, including: chapter, section, question, might even few first words of the paragraph.
The more details you provide, the easier is for the others to track the error down and make a necessary adjustment.

Thanks for reporting errata and best luck in the upcoming exam.
Welcome to the Ranch, Wayne.

Just to improve the chances of more quality answers. Could you please narrow down the problem, however, if you decide not to, please specify exact line numbers you are referring to. Currently isn't clear which code is being discussed and what is the problem you are trying to solve. Usually is best to discuss only one small snippet of code, so people can follow.
1 week ago

Tim Holloway wrote:Besides, my German studies, have made me, to the use of commas prolific.

Placing commas probably have slightly different rules per language, but I think all carry the same goal - to bring a meaning. Having said that, I'd think that your second and third commas in an exam would be considered as the grammatical (punctuation actually) errors. Wouldn't they?
1 week ago
If I work on my personal projects I prefer not just silence, but also late night (23:00 - 03:00), which is the cause for silence, this time is most effective for me if need to do something what requires thinking.
1 week ago
Welcome to the Ranch. Have a great promo week.
1 week ago
Say what you want, but one of the best mis or just pronunciations I hear often is init(), which of course means isn’t it. I don’t think americans or canadians do that. But when I worked in Bermondsey (borough of London), I used to have mastered it, because this is what people understand there.
1 week ago

Philippe Ponceblanc wrote: do not understand the meaning of your question

Usually when people experiencing some compilation errors or run-time exceptions we usually ask them to provide stack traces.
Stack traces pretty clearly identify the exact problem(s).

In short - if stack trace says i.e.:

That means you possibly don't have declared such method as getConnection() (not saying it is your problem currently), or got some typo either in a method call or method declaration.

Is clearer now?
1 week ago

Philippe Ponceblanc wrote:but I tell you where the errors of my program are

But I ask you what the errors are (would have to thank to stack traces).
1 week ago
Maybe worth to include error messages you are getting so the guys wouldn't need to guess, please.
1 week ago
Please post how the code looks like you have started and got stuck on.
1 week ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:So an Armstrong number is the sum of the cubes of its individual digits

No, that is why I've pointed out to OP that his explanation isn't sufficient. Actually is: ..the sum of its own digits each raised to the power of the number of digits.
1 week ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

This explanation isn't sufficient what the Armstrong number is, but I looked it up on Google.

To be honest you are expected yourself to solve logical part of the exercise without any help, where you might need help is Java syntax.

So, If I were you, I'd create at least these methods:

You possibly can create more tiny methods to divide tasks into smaller tasks so the complexity of different problems would be fairly low.
1 week ago