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Recent posts by Liutauras Vilda

Claude Moore wrote:Nowadays a lot of successful languages aren't strong typed: just think of Javascript and Python

Python is a strongly typed language.

There are 2 things to consider, and these are often confused:
1. static vs dynamic
2. strong vs weak

1. In super primitive way to explain that (have no more time at the moment), static languages asks you to define types beforehand or infer them themselves when it can be done 100% correctly (at compile time), while dynamically typed languages trying to infer them at run-time (in case things can't be inferred or being inferred/assumed differently than your intent were, this is where your problems start).

2. Strongly typed languages do not let you sum integer 4 and string "4", while weakly typed languages let you do that if they think that can be accomplished or they can produce some kind of output.

These are super primitive examples how these 2 concepts differ.

So please clarify, which one you have in mind?
16 hours ago
Regardless,  I need to admit it is puzzling snippet, and if quick - I'd probably get the wrong answer.
17 hours ago
What do you know about the recursion?
17 hours ago

Pete Letkeman wrote:I agree, but how does one fit it all in so prove to the next person that they know C or any other language?

Not sure whether you need to prove to anybody, unless you maybe trying to secure a job place in a team where such language is used as a main language.

Other than that, it is probably more for yourself as an item on a wishlist to discover in order to have a broader understanding about particular topic. For instance I found a good way to get basic introduction to language by solving programming puzzles. Knowing (even a little) some other languages, helps you feel more comfortable about particular topics in your main language.

As an example for instance, if you want to better understand Java's functional programming aspects (lambdas/streams), I think a good way to do so is to get a play with some functional language. As a second example, in order to understand recursion, I'd also go picking up language where recursion is a habitual approach to most of the problems - and that also could be done solving some puzzles and having fun.

I for quite some time wanted to discover C language, and that solely because it is used to implement most of unix like operating systems.

Might shifting a bit now, but I'm happy that my introductory language to programming was Java and not some scripting language as Python for instance. Having said that, I would have been more happier if that language were C actually. From lower level language I think it is is always easier to go upwards (in case of a need) rather than other way round. Many languages come and go away, but the languages which are widely embedded or used in many systems are much more longer lasting seems to me.

I know you like Kotlin, but that Kotlin doesn't bring anything really new in particular what C or Java + some old functional language had to offer. So knowing these would make new languages to grasp fairly trivial I think, and that is why I was interested to see C language is standing strong.
18 hours ago

I will appreciate any help

Is it the logic you don't understand or how to achieve it in Java?
In case of latter, please explain what logic you chose to use so we could help to accomplish it in Java.
19 hours ago
How you seasoned engineers explaining it?

C language seems to be staying just slightly below Java and well above other languages, apart from that, got an uptrend move.
While there are quite a few modern languages on the table to discover, C language doesn't look a bad choice either to get to know it better.

19 hours ago
Just tried once. I found it difficult.
3 days ago
Welcome to the Ranch, Tyler

Tyler Manharth wrote:JavaScript code is run on a browser only

Quite disagree with this statement. Both languages can run on a browser as well as both can run on a server.

Tyler Manharth wrote:Java code needs to be compiled while JavaScript code are all in text.

Both of the languages codes are in text. Java is compiled, while JavaScript is interpreted - I think this is what you actually meant.

Tyler Manharth wrote:They require different plug-ins for their own needs.

I don't think that languages require plug-ins. Maybe people use plug-ins for their needs in order to simplify some stuff. But not quite sure what you exactly meant by plug-ins and in which context.

Tyler Manharth wrote:Platform independent means java can run on any computer

Probably more of a, on those, on which Java Virtual Machine can run.
3 days ago
Problems may be larger than one can imagine.

It can also carry this exposed implementation details to the test suite, so now you'd need to maintain implementation details naming not just in actual code, but also presumably in unit tests. And if an underlying data structure changes, and unluckily you don't reflect that in test suite, you end up with asymmetry between the code and tests, which in turn makes the code base sloppy over the time.
3 days ago
And it is tremendous in how many calls the script flows and nicely fits the call. Actually it probably routes the call towards the direction it wants it to route.
3 days ago
Never heard of it, and it seems it is out for few years now. But I made myself busy out of nowhere with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
4 days ago
Another important thing to mention is, that LocalDate is an immutable object.
4 days ago

Peter van der Werff wrote:My problem is that the seach assignment dont work when i looking for a specifically word in the array list.

Please specify which line/-s in your code doing that?

Regarding code tags, within post edit panel there is a button Code, so you select your code and click that button.
4 days ago
Welcome to the Ranch!

When posting the code, please use code tags. You can see how that would look like if you were use the code tags:
4 days ago