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Recent posts by Chen ZhiJiang

Does BRIT for reporting only? not data visualization?
9 years ago
Sorry that I don't know whether to ask this question.
I need develop a java application using Eclipse RCP to do data visualization, anyone know where I can find related tutorial or component (related to data visualization).

9 years ago
I having problem to create entities from tables. The problem is I can create for some of them, but around 10% of tables can't be created automatically (Via Eclipse) or manually. Here is the details:
Mac Pro with i7 processor, with java 1.6 & Eclipse Helios installed.
Connector: sqljdbc4.jar, EclipseLink: 2.1.1
SQL 2005 server on remote machine in same network.

The error message:
Column "xxx" can't be resolved on table "xxxxxxxxxxxxx", even Data Source Explorer can't see the columns. But query via Sql Scrapbook(Eclipse build-in) is fine.
That table have around 25 columns, with around 200 records in that.

Please help..

I use Tomcat 6.0 & J2SDK5.
Here is WEB-INF/web.xml file:

and WEB-INF/context.xml file:

And this is code in servlet:

When I execute /mail/SendMailServlet, always got following error:

It looks like my SMTP server setting: never been picked up.

Any idea?


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[ June 02, 2007: Message edited by: Chen ZhiJiang ]
13 years ago
I facing same problem ,it been solved by replace jbossall-client.jar from jboss server.

Thanks very much.
14 years ago
Since Class Diagram are technique independed, so it will never include any technique related classes, but I'm confuse whether it's necessary to put action classes in it, like doSomething class (it's not noun classes).

Welcome any advice.

Thanks, i'll start to prepare my assignment now.
Hi All,

I passed part I at Aug,2003, now i want to take part II, is there have any problem after almost 2 years idle.

BTW: I purchase part II Sep, 2003.

And i also downloaded the assignment two years ago.
Dear All:
I have one basis problem:
I have a LIST contact some data, i display it use:
Iterator a=ListData.Iterator();
System.out.pritnln("Data: "+a.toString();
But how i can loop this iterator again. when i try to loop it again, the error shows i have reach the end of collection, how i can do loop again or using other methods.
Thanks in advanced.
16 years ago
Thanks, i'll try it in hard way... ((
16 years ago
I have one project on hand, there have some problems when i doing one page, the request is:
list contents along with check box.
One page for 50 records and must support paing.
When i change page, the states of other pages should be remembered.
I have done the paging with list. But can't maintainence the states of all the pages.
Please help.
There are some details:
using DynaValidatorForm (Form Bean), there have two filelds for store the data(List), one store all the data from database and other store the current page data.
But when i click on check box, and submit the form, nothing happen, the data never changed.
Any One Help??
16 years ago
Can anybody let me know what books are suitable for SCEA Part II/III
Thanks in advanced.