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Hi guys,

I currently have 7+ years of being Java Web and Application Developer: 2 of it is in corporate setup, 1 year in a startup setup and 4 years as a one-man founder. As a founder, I created a software to be used to automate my online store. Right now, I decided to close my store and want to go back working. But I want to try another role, but I don't know what role is it.

With that much of experience, I knew and experienced the pros and cons of being a Java developer and the cons outweighs the pros (for my preference). Some of the cons are:

1. Too many technologies to study. I master "Java" as programming language but it does not end there. There are too many Apis, framework and technologies that goes along with it and I cant imagine myself upgrading my skills every year for the rest of my life. Also, I am a slow worker and learner but I work with quality and it is too stressful for me to learn new things at a fast pace with this career.
2. I want to focus on myself first. I want to improve myself (my health, body; I always dream to have a bodybuilder type of body; and my social skills) which I don't think I can do it when I am Java developer. Since when  I was a child, my doctor diagnosed me having social anxiety and depression disorder.
3. I want a career that does not "code" all day. Don't get me wrong, I have a passion for coding and building things. But not for whole day.
4. I hate reading too many technical stuffs and IMO and as I experienced, career in Java nowadays involve almost 95% of your task reading 4% hands-on programming, 1% for non technical stuffs (documentation, meetings etc).

For me, here's the pros:
1. I am really interested in Java but really, not as a profession. I am challenged on solving the problems and fulfilled when I accomplish the task. However, the way to accomplish the task is too stressful for me
2. The pay is so good. As of now,  I am still receiving calls from recruiters offering me above average salary

I am looking for a task that contains this:
1. Has still coding but not required to code all day. Can also no coding
2. Ageism is not a factor and there is a mastery. Meaning, as I age, the better is my career. With Java, there is no mastery as the technology stack differs from project to project. And also, the project lasts short term.
3. Career that enable to talk to people and not too mentally draining
4. For long term. Not a project based. or if a project based, it will last for more than 3-5 years.

Can someone please advice me?
So far, I am considering shifting to either software tester, ERP developer (SAP maybe?) or embedded developer. Or maybe completely new career outside IT such as petroleum engineer or instrumentation engineer

Can somebody please give an opinion,advice or career suggestions?

2 weeks ago
Hello guys, your advice is much appreciated.

Currently I am 29 years old and I am single andnliving in the Philippines. I graduated as an electronics and communications engineer. When I was in college, we have one subject of c programming for one semester and during that time, I was fascinated, challenged, stressed but fulfilled when i can do the programming exams.

When I graduated to the college, I decided to be a Java programmer even though Java was not taught at school. The reasons why I took java during that time was: 1. money, 2. they say java is a good career and 3. as an engineer, I want to invent a product on my own and to monetize it. At first, I thought inventing a tangible prod uct is impossible for me since I am introvert, and do not like to talk to people alot. However, creating a software can be done alone.

During my work, it was really hard for me to program because we do not have any training at work and I was forced to self study. However it does not come to my mind to quit because i have an attitude to always do my best whatever comes in my way and I was so focused to earn money and always think of a way to build a software of my own. I self study java during after work hours and took OCAJP.

Fast forward, i successfully created my own software at the age of 26 and was able to quit my job. I can live  comfortably in my country by working just 3 hours per day using the software I created. However, i was so isolated and alone. After I successfully achieved my purpose as to why I chose being programmer, I cant think of any new purpose in life. My depression becomes worse

So I decided to go back at work being a java programmer 4 months ago. However, I cant deal with the following anymore on my whole Java career:

1. Always reading and understanding new technologies, concepts, solutions or APIS to the internet. I want to apply my knowledge at work more than reading new information everyday. I feel that i need to learn new onformation for the rest of my life if i choose this career. Naurally, I am a slow reader and learner but once I understand it, i can excel at it but I just cant keep learning new all the time. i also hate self study

2. The feeling of frustration. I really really hate the feeling that after I read a solution on the internet, understand why it happened, apply it on my code, then it is still not working. Then repeat until successful. This happens most of the time.

3. Lack of social interaction, low self confidence. I really cant maintain social communication to anybody maybe because the nature of my job requires problem solving and not with people. With my age, i think i need to improve it to have a girlfriend and family in the future.

4. Cant do any other activities outside work like going to gym. I always want to have a good physiquie but due to my mind is exhausted after work, i really cant do it and be consistent

Right now, i have 2 options
1. Career shift - but I have no idea what career I should get and I am afraid to start with minimum salary and start from scratch.
2. Continue being java programmer and accept frustrations. Maybe enrol to trainings after office hours to gain more knowledge

My ideal job environment is:
1. Require physical activity (such as moving, walking but not field works)
2. Requires social interaction (but not most of the time)

You advice is very much appreciated
10 months ago
Hi guys, I have a xpath expression that I need to select the size of an object. For example, 6'6".
I am trying to do the following but it is not working:

Hi guys, I am planning to create a program that can allow users to bid and sell stocks online. Is there an api where I can trade US stocks?
Sorry, my question would be

Is there any way I can setAnimal in just one line? (INSTEAD OF create object and setting attribute separately)?
2 years ago
given a java class:


why this is invalid error (assuming there is an object implementing the animalService interface):

Is there any way I can setAnimal in just one line? (and create object and setting attribute separately)?

2 years ago
Hi guys,

To any of you tried azure nd deployed web app. How can I only allow a specific ip address to access my web app in azure dashbord? Been trying to search online but cannot find one.
2 years ago
Hi guys, basically my hub is on my local computer and I have a node which is 5km away from my local computer and connected over the internet with a different network. Is it possible to connect hub and node together?  Based on the Selenium Grid site to connect a hub all you have to do is launch the code:

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-<version>.jar -role node  -hub

where is the ip address of the hub if are of the same local network. But how can I connect if they are two different networks?
2 years ago
Thanks for your response. Then where will my java codes/app be installed? Under the client computer or cloud server? And also, whats the difference between selenium grid and selenium remote webdriver?

To summarize, what i need is to deploy my webapp on the cloud server then i have an html page with form and a button. The client will fill up the form and when he clicks submit, my app deployed on the server will process the form and then will request to open my client's webdriver and navigate to a url and click a specific tag in his computer. Can you please advice what selenium type should i need?
2 years ago
I am planning to launch some kind of automation testing to a user. On my website there is a button lets just say "start automation testing". When the user clicks it, i need his chrome browser open and start navigating to a specific site. The webapp is installed on a cloud server so that many users can access my webapp and open their local chrome browsers. Is this possible in java?
2 years ago
Sorry guys i did not completed the title. My title shoudl be "how to launch a webdriver on my local from a deployed webapp in cloud"
2 years ago
Hi guys. Is it possible for a web app delployed on an azure server to launch a chrome webdriver using selenium on my local computer and perform some actions like visiting a url then clicking some buttons?
2 years ago
Hi guys,

I have a war file that, when I manually deploy the war file in tomcat website (localhost:8080/manager) it is working. However, if I exported the war file in eclipse then manually add the program in tomcat server then start the tomcat server it is not working, What can cause the problem? They have the same war file.
2 years ago
I think I know the problem... I have added user library on my preference in eclipse and I am using it on my project. However, when I exported it to the war file, it is not included in the /lib folder... How can I include a user library folder in exporting to war file?
2 years ago