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Recent posts by John Tsioumpris

Karthik Shiraly wrote: if you have already made up your mind, that's ok too.

I can't say that i have made my mind but i am in the middle of a crossroad and i have a decision to make ....
either stick to Java/FX or turn to NodeJs/Js ...i am afraid i am rather old and i don't have room for a 2nd chance
4 years ago

Jason Bullers wrote: Java 8 is still relatively new, and IMO, JavaFX isn't worth migrating to until you have Java 8.

Well you are right but a winner is getting the first place right from the me i see very limited threads,few books and somewhat indifference from the Oracle's side...
The abandonment of Scene Builder was a clear indication that JavaFX is not getting the attention it should...
well HTML5/CSS can handle most of the current UI demands and its universal so i guess we can kiss desktop GUIs goodbye....i know i must do so...
Too bad that JavaFX/Scene Bulder was a clean and easy solution for great desktop apps....
4 years ago
Given the fact that i got a single answer and the number of threads/answers compared to other Java technologies i think is more than safe to consider JavaFX dead for sure and move on.....too bad i wasted so much time getting into this technology...
4 years ago
Hello to everybody....
For the past year i have being working with JavaFX for diploma thesis and it played a more than substantial part in the final outcome...
Naturally i was planning to get a even more familiar for my future plans and learn it even more ....
i read a lot of posts around the Net that JavaFX is rather dead and probably it would get abandoned in the coming releases of Java...
So i am asking ...should i continue to work with JavaFX or abandon it in favor of another (Swing ?)
4 years ago

John Damien Smith wrote:I don't mind cross-posting as long as links are posted, so that anybody who finds the post can find related information and work on the issue.

If you have independently found a solution, you should post it on one of the sites you asked your question on, and link to your solution from other posts (probably post it on stack overflow as stack overflow doesn't allow link only answers).

My advice is to try to write perfect questions - as those question types are more likely to get answered.

I answer many questions on different forums and I have read your question numerous times and have not been able to understand exactly what it is asking, nor how to solve it.
I have seen others attempt to answer your question and fail to answer satisfactorily.
If the question is clear, interesting, simple to understand and any issue lucidly explained and immediately reproducible at the time the question is first read, then you are far more likely to get better help sooner.

Thanks for the advices
As for the solution....well is quite simple...i simple don't close the PrintStream...I set the redirection and forget about it...(it seems to work ?)
5 years ago

John Damien Smith wrote:More of a guideline than a rule:

Thanks for letting me know....i am afraid i was under a lot of pressure to get this done....but i think i have found a solution...
So if you find this post offending in anyway please delete it...sorry for the cross posting but i have a hard time to get some answers and time is ticking
5 years ago

John Damien Smith wrote:Question is also available on StackOverflow:

Is it against any rule ?
5 years ago
Hello to everybody. I have a problem and i could really use some help
I have a JavaFX application with multiple scenes.
In the application one scene plays the "master" role and the others are loaded according to actions
The issue i have is that i need to redirect all the PrintStream activity to a specific TextArea on the "master" scene,
and by "all" i am meaning every PrintStream activity on every scene should be redirected to this specific TextArea
The code i am using on the "master" is :

I am using the Singleton pattern for the rest of the scenes is:

The issue is that i don't like this implementation so there a better solution
5 years ago
Well i haven't read the post but here is my implementation

I would like some help in making it **beautifull**
5 years ago
thanks i will give it a try
5 years ago

Darryl Burke wrote:Since this is a JavaFX question, I've added it to the appropriate section.

5 years ago
Hello to everybody
I have a situation in which i need to populate a number combo boxes dynamically
Let me explain :
I have a JavaFX form with 5 combo boxes
I also have a directory which has several subdirectories
I want to populate the combo boxes according to name of subdirectory
|--->Animals (some files in it)
|--->Plants (some files in it)
|--->Vehicles (some files in it)

I have lets say 2 combo boxes named Animalscbo & Vehiclescbo
I have an Array of the subdirectories of root_Directory and i want to iterate and when i find a matching subdirectory - combo-box (minus the cbo postfix) to populate the combobox with the contents of subdirectory...
Please take special note that i need this to be totally searches the JavaFX form and whenever it finds a combobox with matching name it populates it...
Any help?
5 years ago
Hello to everybody.
I am trying to find an elegant way to enable controls in a specific order.
Lets say for example i have 10 combo boxes ...all disabled and stacked vertically.The 1st combo gets enabled by a command.
Everytime i select a value in a combo-box the next combo-box gets enabled and is ready for selection.
So if i had the comboboxes named cb1,cb2,cb3... when cb1 gets a values the cb2 gets enabled,when a value is selected in cb3 then cb4 gets enabled and so on.
The issue is i don't like the idea of naming them like cb1,cb2....and using the arithmetic value to act accordingly.
I also don't want to use the classic code of addActionListener and one by one enable them
My initial thought is to store them in a kind o table so i could name them whatever i like and set the enabling order the way i want...
I am thinking of using a multicolumn hash table and iterate each time to find the next combo to enable.(Something like column1 :OrderID, column2:ControlName, column3:nextInOrderID <--- there is a necessity that after a specific combo gets selected more than 1 combobox gets enabled)
This should also works backwards...if a previous is set to null value it should disable and clear all the combo-boxes that were next in order.
Any ideas are welcomed
5 years ago

John Tsioumpris wrote:
Another class inherits from Foo

There is no connection between Foo and AnotherClass it is just inheriting in order to get the methods of Foo
Till now i have used the utility class but i am puzzled if this is a better approach

I am extremely sorry i put wrong "add" on the AnotherClass.....this is the correct usage of the add method of Foo Class
5 years ago