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Recent posts by atif abbas

here is my code so far..please i need help with the updating of current-balance ..thanks
kind regards
16 years ago
Thanks, for your tips..
one other thing how can i update records once io have stored records. Like if i want to add other records, and how will i be able to match the records based on the customer id..
kind regards
16 years ago
Hi, i need some ideas with Binary Files..
I have an assignment to do based on binary files..
basically, A binary file stores customer id, name and current balance in ascending order of customer id. A program accepts transactions from a user to update customer records. Later enters customer id, program reads file for a record matching with the customer id. entered. Then it asks for type of transaction - p(payment), s(sales). It asks for the amount from current balance.
Updated record is then written to a new file. Program continues until end of the file, and then displays each record from the new file. All transactions are entered in the order of customer id.
And the assignment only asks us to create 5 records, and the user enters three transactions, two for payment type and one for sales type.
i have some ideas on what input and output files to use. like FileOutputStream and FileInputStream.
But, how to update the file i dont know..
kind regards
16 years ago
I have an excercise where i have to Write a program that copies a text file onto another file.
Program accepts a command line:
java copy original file destination file.
program checks that both file names exist or throws an exception. It then copies the file as per command line arguments.
here is my source code so far. and would like someone to check it for me and correct me please..
The file compiles.

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16 years ago
hey, guys many thanks for your help..
but i still get errors when i compile...
i have tried what you guys sais but not working..
Also how am i able to retrieve the password, once i have got the firstname, lastname and id..
if you read my question from the project it mentions that the password is created by the joining the firstname, id and lastname..
can you guys help me here again please...
here is my code so far..

[ May 22, 2002: Message edited by: Dirk Schreckmann ]
16 years ago
sorry. dirk i was using my old login name for the previous reply..
16 years ago
i have a problem in java...and i'm not quite sure how to solve it, and was wandering if anyone would be able to help me out here...
i have started something but not sure what to do next.
Here is the problem:
Problem 1
A program accepts identification number, first name, last name, and email address of a user. It validates the data as per following specifications:
.identification number – no blanks, four numerical characters;
.first name – no blanks, all alphabetical characters;
.last name – same as for first name;
.email address–
.no blanks;
.only one ‘@’character;
,there is at least one word before ‘@’, and at least two words after ‘@’, both words(following ‘@’ joined by ‘.’, no space between the words before and after the ‘.’ character.
Assume that there are maximum of two words following ‘@’character, and there are maximum of 25 characters in the email address.
If any of the data item is invalid, program displays an appropriate message to the user and asks for re-entry of that item.
When all data items entered are valid, program creates a password for the user by joining:
.first two characters of first name;
.2nd and 3rd characters of identification
.last three characters from the last name;
in above order.
Password is then relayed back to user. Later then enters this password and program then checks that user has entered the correct password (as created for him/her), and displays the message to the user accordingly.
You do not need to create any special user interface but must utilize string and array processing functions
and here is my source code so far.. if any one helpful enough could fix the program for me that would be much appreciated..thanks
kind regards,
/******begining of code ****************|

/*****************end of code*******************/
[I've edited your post, surrounding the code with the proper ubb tags in order to preserve formatting and make the code easier to understand. -Dirk]
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16 years ago