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Recent posts by Hong Gao

Hi guys,

After re-submission of my assignment, finally I got pass score for both assignment and essay. After the course form submission, today I got email with oracle to confirm my OCMJEA6 certification.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, special to K.Tang. Without you guys, I couldn't go as far as it is now to fulfill my mission impossible.

It took me almost one year to complete all virtual training, sit in exam, assignment and essay. This experience is very learning and rewarding. I learnt a lot from preparation, exam, assignment, and essay. I believe this certificating process can fast track my experience and knowledge level.


Hi guys,

Unfortunately, my 1z0 - 865 assignment failed, and I need to resubmit within one month.
Below are part of my missing points for 3 diagrams, and can you please provide some insights for me to revise and resubmit. I don't have much hands on experience in this space

Class Diagram:
(*) Missing presentation, business, and integration tiers components referenced in other diagrams
Questions: How to make presentation, business and integration ties components in class diagram, and then referenced in sequence diagram as example

Deployment Diagram:
(*) Missing platform profile details such as web/app server, OS, RDBMS, etc.
(*) Missing deployment of components/ear/war/ejb-jar.
Questions: Is it enough for me to add notion that web/app server is WebSphere Application Server 8.5 with IBM 3/390. RDBMS is oracle 11g? how to add components/ear/war/ejb-jar on deployment diagram?

Interaction Diagram( Sequence diagram)
(*) Missing actor/actor name from sequences
(*) More detail required for Use Cases and methods invocations (too high level)
Questions:In the guide book, there is classic interaction diagram actors consisting of user>browser>http server>JEE server>JEE JDBC>oracle database, is this always the case, what is the variant? and how to add methods invocations in sequence diagram?

Many thanks,

Just add following on how to generate JAR file required to submit assignment deliverables.

In command line environment , use path command first to direct to Java bin where JAR command can be located, e.g.

path C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_45\bin

Then use jar command

jar cvf SCEA_OC12345.jar C:\Users\gaoh\Desktop\VPProjects, where SCEA_OC12345.jar is the output file defination and C:\Users\gaoh\Desktop\VPProjects is the directory holding your all deliverables ( index html, diagram jpeg pic etc)

When command runs, you can see files details going to jar file and the compress ratio as well.
Hi K.Tsang,

Thank you very for the advice. I will think thoroughly to take your suggestions.


Hi guys,

I am working on class and components diagrams from my assignment.

When I work on the class diagram, I need to provide public method names for my later sequence diagrams. What are most likely public methods I should reference in my class diagram? My sequence diagrams will conduct operations of post , review, submit, issue to entities. Also, shall I provide multiplicity detail and/or reveal the relationship such as aggregation/composition towards the class diagram entities?

For the component diagram, what is the proper way to present EJB, servlets, JSP, major POJOs . I just add EJB, JSP as extension of components, is this okay? Also, I find difficult to present servlets on web component, difficult to represent components of POJO's and Design Pattern. Do you have any idea about this?

Many thanks in advance

I am working on the Part 2 assignment work, below is the submission request from my assignment guide

" when you have completed your solution, you should have an ' index.html, that has your name, id, a link to the class, component, and deployment diagrams, risk list, this instruction file, and a link to each of the sequence/collaboration diagrams. Build a JAR file that contains all HTML files. You must build a JAR file; do not send individual files. "

I am using Visual Paradigm Community Edition to generate my diagrams. This VP edition doesn't allow to generate HTML file, only export diagrams as JPG file.

Given this, I have two questions to submit deliverables as requested,

1. How can I generate index.html file linking all jpg's, risk list note, and instruction file?
2. How to generate JAR file containing HTML files?



Thanks for your response!

Can you recommend the UML editor for class diagram, component diagram, deployment diagram, sequence/collaborative diagram?

When these diagrams are ready, can they be saved as HTML documents?


Just passed part 1 of 1Z0-807 with score of 75%. My recommendation is it will be a great help to refer to mock exam paper but you really need to understand the answers. The mock exam does narrow down and put limitation on exam scope. Not all answers are accurate, however. You need to have healthy doubt and search for accurate answer from various sources. This reassurance is actually a good learning experience, not only help you to re-read preparation material, but drive you to explore further. No any guidebook is enough or can guarantee you the pass.

Now I am working on part2 of assignment. I am required to submit the deliverables accepted as HTML documents only, and each diagram must be UML compliant.

What is the HTML and/or UML editor(s) for this purpose?

Can I start with word documents, then paste or format into HTML standard?