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I have a job that will have multiple partitions. Does not run in a container. How can I share the cache between partitions? Each partition is processing a batch of records.
7 years ago
I created the WSDL first in RSA and then created the java bean skelaton from the WSDL. There are a couple of dateTime fields in the WSDL that are created as GregorianCalendar objects.

When I test with SOAPui and the date fields are passed correctly, everything works great. But when there is an invalid date format or anything else in the SOAP request, instead of returning a Conversion exception or some other validation exception, the field is passed as a null to the request object in the SOAP IMPL. Should't this return an exception?

Sample requests inputs:
<endTimeStamp>2014-01-28T01:30:14.474Z</endTimeStamp> - Date
<endTimeStamp>06-FEB-14 AM</endTimeStamp> - Null
<endTimeStamp>Any other string be it a date or not.</endTimeStamp> - Null

Request Object - endTimeStamp definition and getter:

@XmlElement(required = true)
@XmlSchemaType(name = "dateTime")
protected XMLGregorianCalendar endTimeStamp;

* Gets the value of the endTimeStamp property.
* @return
* possible object is
* {@link XMLGregorianCalendar }
public XMLGregorianCalendar getEndTimeStamp() {
return endTimeStamp;
8 years ago