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Recent posts by Paulo Silveira

Hello you all.

Yesterday I ve scjp 1.5 with a 95% score... 3 mistaker: 2 with threads and 1 with api. Last time I did a scjp test was back in 2001, where I did the 1.2 exam and passed with 93%.

I have some comments

- questions with long code listing. that is nice! specially cool thread questions
- pretty good questions about generics, varargs and autoboxing.
- is back, and this time there are not questions asking the name of a not so used method.
- better questions about OO concepts

- less questions about casting and method overriding, which I like very much.
- enum and enhanced-for questions just too easy.
- bizarre questions about Serializable
- some tricky questions about the API.
- some questions didnt even compile and there was no "does not compile" answer. like methods that received (byte[]) argument without the parameter name. in another one there is a call to a pretty well known method that throws a Checked Exception, but the code didint handle-or-declare it. btw, where can I send this kind of problems? I didnt take the beta exam in order to not have this kind of problems in my exam!
- bizarre class names. It hurts my eyes when I read class C extends B. I remember that they used noums. Also, class names with numbers in the end and enum constants lowercased... arggghhh

what is your opinion?

thanks a lot

Paulo Silveira
So many brazilians here!
I also did took the test in Sao Paulo without any problmens @ all
I ve done my test 2 days ago.
It seems nice, but there are some ambiguous tests.
The test focused TOO much in "who does this? the assembler, deployer, bean provider, etc...". MANY times one guy has all these roles. A manager should know about the roles, not me.
Another point that I didnt like is "what method can be found in interface X and Y". or, "I can remove one EJBObject through which interfaces?"... and so on. Seems like SCJP 1.2, "the interface that listen to the mouse clicking is: MouseMotinListener? MouseListener? MouseClickListener?" My GOD. I can solve this question in 2 seconds clicking on my API bookmark.
EJB QL has some bizarre drag and drops too.
The Beans questions were ALL nice! Entity, MDB and session. It should have more statefull/stateless questions.
Transactions questions are harder. And security questions seems to not prove anyone's knowledge about j2ee security.
It REALLY should have questions about best practices. Session Facades and Value Objects for example.
I have a blob field in MySQL
and I can use blob.getBinaryStream() to get a inputStream
but know I want to get a string from it
how do I do that?
could I just use getString instead of getBlob?

Originally posted by Jackie Wang:
will there be any kind of proof for passing it during this period then? thanks!

you get some paper right after the exam, you can use it.
16 years ago
hey guys!!!
2 mistakes in AWT.. pure API questions!!! I didnt kno that I should know the class hierarchy from events and components by heart.
one mistake in, again API... method name!!!
and one in a declaration questions, but I relly dont know what was!
If you want do 100% in this test, you NEED to study hard io and awt, too many API questions.
And about thread, I scored all, but it was REALLY heard. There was a deadlock question, reallllllyyyy hard.
16 years ago
AWT questions is PURE API, no logic at all...
layout managers are ok

Originally posted by Francisco A Guimaraes:
I think what happens is this: when you call giveMeJ() the variable j is already initialized with its default value, 0 for an int, and assigned to i. After that j is changed to 10 in the line below.Anyone correct me if I�m wrong.

that is right!!!
in these loines:
private int i = giveMeJ();
private int j = 10;
simply changing the order:

private int j = 10;
private int i = giveMeJ();
will produce the output expected:10!
I really dont know!
Inserting a System.out.print() inside the giveMeJ method, shows that the method is being called!!!
the default position is CENTER

Originally posted by Marcus Green:
"Besides, "Java uses a pre-emptive, co-operative system for determining which Thread will execute" - is this statement correct? "

Hum, this is false.
It was pre emptive in the really beginning, and even so, as Marcus said, it is JVM dependent, so you cannot say that java is pre emptive or time sliced.
24 is A, not D!!! it is assumed that the add() is the same as this.add(), and the class is a subclass of a Frame, as the question says
really so many threads questions?
16 years ago
ehy guys
I have less than 24 hours for the exam.
What should I focus/read?
I am studying for get a very good score, not only passing, of course.
My weak points are, for sure, IO and AWT. How many questions are there by this topic?
thanks a lot