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Recent posts by Roman Swinson

Tim Moores wrote:Have a look at

I am sorry but I have no idea about how to I use github to build executables for android.
4 years ago
Hello Grooves, I am newbie to groovy. I am looking any ways to execute basic groovy scripts on Android.
Is there an app or way to install interpreter on Android smartphone like QPython, Termux.
4 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:Apparently Kalman filters can be used to predict the future. To include periodic spikes, you might have to influence the measurements using weighted measurements from periods in the past, such as a week ago, a month ago, a year ago.

So, After little bit if digging internet i found I need to use model such as ARIMA.

Thanks for the input.
4 years ago
Hello Folks,

I am trying to model a very basic program (mostly in Java) that takes input a pair of number :
one is Unix Timestamp and other is some integer or float value. And it outputs some "baselined range" for each time epoch.

(Effectively, create a dynamic, intelligent base lining such that when current value violates, it is identified. Unlike a static threshold which gives false spikes.)

I am unsure what mathematical formula or modeling I should use.

Here is link to what I am trying to build like:

New Re--c Dynamic Baseline Alerts can account for that by producing dynamic thresholds using a mixture of advanced statistics and algorithms to detect small performance anomalies in your applications and services

I pardon if its off topic, but I need some hint towards mathematical algos.
4 years ago
Hi There,
I am getting same error. Do you got resolution. Please suggest.
Thank you.
5 years ago
Okay, so I got it working by using XSL variable for selecting color attribute and then setting the

Anyway Thanks Paul for replay. Cheers !!
Hello there ranchers,

I am trying to make HTML/PDF out of an xml document using XSL and Apache FOP.
I am facing a challenge where I need to parse the color from the attribute of element.

The source XML is:

I am trying to get the cell that has color as parsed from 'severity_color' attribute.

Following is XSL:

(More the technical failure % more red the color will be.)

Please help. I am stuck.