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I'm look forward to the one in Sept. in Milwaukee, WI
It will be my first.
4 years ago
I'm not too sure what you think the group by is going to do in this case.
The subquery is going to return 60000 and pick records less than that, whitch it looks like its doing.
When you removed the where clause you stoped looking at just those records in the subquery that match the outer query so the max of all records in the table is returned(60000).
The first way you had your query was correct.
5 years ago
When you installed it what did it ask you?
If it asked you what user to create first that would most likely be the admin id too. in that case what I said is moot.
6 years ago
You can grant roles that are normaly adminstrator roles to other users, so i user can create other users.
Its been awhile since I played with XE but It least at one time that was an admin id user.
6 years ago
Oracle is like a database of databases, The main database is called an "instance". inside the instance are users or schemas. the users have tables and columns like payroll and addresses. But the Instance also has tables that hold things like user_names, table_names and tables that hold where to put the log files and things like that. The admin user run the space allocations, monitoring the database and create users.
6 years ago
Another option is to determine what data is most important and encrypt those columns. You will take a hit on speed to encrypt and decrypt but it would protect your data more. A lot of work for little payback if you ask me.
6 years ago
That means other general users will not be able to see them but the the adminstration user does backups, create users, grant roles, exports and imports so it needs to be able to get at to all data. Think of it as a super user.

The only way you might be able to do what you want is to have the user enter the adminsration id and password that was used to install oracle and change it to something only your program will know. But there is high risk in doing this.
6 years ago
If they are installing oracle express, that means that they have the adminstration user and password and with those they can get into any schema.
6 years ago
Do you have any BLOBs or CLOBs in you table, sometime that will mess thing up.
I did try a test and it worked for me.
6 years ago
I'm not sure if you want to call the function for each row in the select or if you want pass the cursor to the function.
For the first case include the function in the select

For the second

Then call it like:

Hope this helps.

6 years ago
I tried one or those to fix a display on a camera - everthing went find.
I dont remember who it was, I got the name off ebay.
7 years ago
You need an outer join on your table with data in it.
Sorry the style is the old join the (+) is put on the table that is missing the data.

where table looks like
7 years ago
When someone answers this I will most likely have a duh moment.

I have been having this problem since I started with eclipse. I use hibernate and have a hibernate.cfg.xml file in the bin directory. Sometimes when I do a compile and every time I do a clean the hibernate.cfg.xml is deleted from the bin so I have to copy it back to get my project to run. My question is how can I stop it from being deleted? There is a file in the same bin directory that does not get deleted, so there must be a way.