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Recent posts by Bubba Johnson

Hello and welcome,
 I've heard it said that, when compared to Spring, Spring Boot paves the way for a faster and more efficient development eco-system.
 Do you think this is true?  And, if true, can you explain why this is so and just "how much faster/efficient" Sprint Boot is as a development eco-system.?
 Thank you.

Bubba Johnson (aka Tony Esposito)
2 weeks ago

 It is great to be here and to see another book on JavaFX.  I was afraid it was going to "disappear" from the coding world.
 So, with the rise of HTML 5, JavaScript, etc, are my fears warranted about the future of JavaFX?
 My understanding is that JavaFX is being commercially supported by Oracle in Oracle JDK 8 at least until 2022.  I have also read that JavaFX is supported by Gluon.  Are these support relationships still intact?
 (Of course, there is the OpenFX community support and development as well).


Anthony (Tony) Esposito aka Bubba Johnson
3 weeks ago
Hello fellow goats and mooses,

I got this email about winning a book and wanted to make sure the goat did not eat it.  Did you get my reply with my contact info?

------------------------------ Original Email ------------------------------------------------------------------

Congratulations, you won a copy of Java Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Java Developers.  

Please send your snail mail address to bookpromotion@javaranch.com
To ensure the quickest response, please provide the following:

Your name (first and last - if your CodeRanch name is different, please include both your real name and Ranch name)
Address (including country)
Phone Number
Whether you prefer an e-book if one is available

Also, please include the following as the subject of your Email.

Book Promo Winner - Java Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Java Developers - Tuesday, May 5 2020

As noted in the Book Promotion Eligibility Requirements and Legal type stuff, the winners have 8 days to submit their information. Within 3 days of receipt of your email, we will reply to let you know we got it. If you don't hear back, the goat might have eaten your email. Please let us know by posting in the Ranch Office so we can check on it. Once you have received your copy please let us know by editing the Book Promotions Winners Page and updating the 'Status' column to say you have it.

Thanks and congrats
The CodeRanch Book Promo Team

------------------------------ Original Email ------------------------------------------------------------------

Anthony Esposito (aka CodeRanch Name: Bubba Johnson)
906 New Bedford Ln
Allen, TX 75002-2019 USA
prefer Printed Book

Thank you!
1 month ago
Hello Ken,
 Great to have you here.
 What is the status of Kotlin in the world of embedded systems and iOS?  I had read that JetBrains has/had intentions of moving the language in those directions.
 Thank you.

5 months ago
Where is JetBrains at with regard to bringing Kotlin to embedded systems and iOS?
Thank you.
5 months ago
Trying to migrate from SVN to Git and looking for the golden rod that will make the transition easier. Any ideas? Are there any tools that assist in this process?
Thank you
Ok, I cleaned up my code and implemented your suggestions Jelle and it compiles but I get a runtime error:

So this points to an error in my POJOs, which are included toward the end of this reply.

If you could lend a hand, 'bartender', that would be a great help to this 'greenhorn' and would be appreciated.







5 years ago
Thanks Jelle for reformatting my questions and your response. And 'yes' the compilation errors were ultimately due to my copy-and-paste "expertise"... LOL
5 years ago
Using JAXB, I can get parent element <name> but not value of <pages>



I have the pojos if you need them. I would like someone to take a shot at the pojos needed as I believe that is where is issue resides.
5 years ago