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Sharad N Srivastava

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Recent posts by Sharad N Srivastava

Oops, sorry for confusion here I meant 10 seconds.

Also, instead of firing multiple process from Java, I created a shell script which accepts the file name as input and does all the heavy operation like SORT/SPLIT/Logic execution and returns the result.

5 years ago
Thank you Richard.

I am myself a big fan of Java. But here in my case, I am writing an upload service where I am required to read and sort a huge file (> 500 MB). Also, the performance matters.

The reason I have chosen to handle all the file related operation via 'Process' is because it is too fast and give the result in < 10ms for a file of 500MB size.

I agree, the streams were not handled properly in my above code.
Handling the streams and increasing the buffer size solved my problem.

Thanks for help.
5 years ago

I am writing a Java program to sort the big csv file on the basis of 2nd column and redirecting the output to another file.

Everything works fine if the size of the input csv is less than 12KB.
Moment I increase the input csv size to more than 12 KB, the program acts weird. It just print the first 12KB of the input file to the output file and stops.

Can anyone please help me out. I am kind of stuck here.

5 years ago

I googled out all the possibilities, but still was unable to find the solution to my problem.

I want to send a SOAP xml to HTTPS url using 2 way mutual ssl.
I have my certificates installed in my server.

1) I am creating the SSLSocketFactory object -

2) And this is how I am constructing the SOAP object and calling the SOAP service...

So my question is,

How can I set the TrustStore and KeyStore in the soap request. Or is there any other alternative available in which I can do 2 way mutual ssl while sending SOAP message over https.

Please let me know if any other info is required in answering this problem.

Thank you @