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Recent posts by pablo santamarta esteban

First of all, congrats!

I really like this thread as i was looking for something like this, talking about how is the hole process! I'm thinking about starting studying the certification, but i'm not sure if i'm ready to take it!

What i'm still wondering is if you need to code anything in the assignment part. Is it necessary? Or you have just to think and send how the solution is going to be and that's all?

Thanks in advance.
Chapter 9 I/O and NIO page 515

At the bottom of the page, in the source code sample, inside the overriding visitFile method:

if (file.getFileName().endsWith(".class"))

It is intended to filter all .class files and remove them, isn't it?

endsWith(String other) method from Path interface API says:
"On UNIX for example, the path "foo/bar" ends with "foo/bar" and "bar". It does not end with "r" or "/bar". Note that trailing separators are not taken into account, and so invoking this method on the Path"foo/bar" with the String "bar/" returns true."

Should be:
if (file.getFileName().toString().endsWith(".class"))
At the beginning, second paragraph says:

'Finally, you need to know that -for top-level classes- the abstract modifier can never be combined with the static modifier. We'll cover static method later in this objective, but for now just remember that the following would be illegal:
abstract static void doStuff();'

The phrase in bold should be removed? As top-level classes are not allowed to be marked as static and it is actually talking about methods.