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Here is a link to a previous message on the topic:
I posted some logo images to the board.
Best regards,
Hi Kajol,
1) As sunitha mentioned, there is a typo:
which should be:
2) There is a couple of duplicate attributes:
<frame name="headerframe" noresize scrolling="no" src="HEADING.jsp" scrolling="no" noresize>
" scrolling="no" noresize " is repeated twice.
3) You've named your frameset:
<frameset framespacing="0" border="1" rows="111,*" frameborder="0" name="mainframe">
While your third frame is confusingly named "mainFrame". That might be causing you problems in some browsers -- who knows?. Remove the name from the frameset.
4) framespacing, border and frameborder are not valid attributes of a "frameset" tag.
5) target is not a valid attribute for "frame" either.
Best of luck. If you want to email me your new frameset if it's still not working, feel free.
According to the official W3C spec on XHTML 1.0, the NAME attribute is just a CDATA, which can be any valid text.
XHTML 1.0 Transitional DTD
The ID attribute, however, is an ID field which MUST be unique across the entire document. The ID attribute is used by JavaScript to search out specific objects on the page:

Duplicate NAMEs get passed to server forms as:
So your server script should be prepared to handle them as an array or something.
Can you imagine if web sites *could* arbitrarily run JavaScript code to change the Windows wallpaper? What a perfectly sneaky way to advertise.
The short answer is that it's not possible in JavaScript. Not even using IE extensions.
There is a "external.AddDesktopComponent()" method that will add things (such as images) to the Active Desktop, but users will have to have Active Desktop turned on and it normally isn't.
But that's not the same as wallpaper. The closest you might come is to create your own BHO (Browser Helper Object) or ActiveX control and hook into the Windows API. But that's a lot of work just to set the background wallpaper...
Given that there are web sites the post the correct answers to the sample tests, I doubt IBM would just blanketly offer free tests just for getting a good score.
Every once and a while IBM gives free vouchers to the first X number who pass, but those usually are gone in the first few days.
Thanks Ali for the book recommendation! I purchased "Applying UML and Patterns" the other day, and I can't put it down. Excellent guide to proper software design using UML.
Again, also thanks for your excellent review of the exam (which no doubt be a major factor in helping me pass the exam).
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IBM does send you a welcome kit, that does contain a logo... except you have to scan it yourself - it's a paper logo.
I did manage to find a number of logo images on the Internet some time ago:
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If you open your XML file directly in IE, it will either display it (it's valid) or tell you it encountered an error.
Do a "File | Open" and point to the XML file you want to validate.
Congratulations Niraj. Great score!
Good job, Nageswara.
Good to hear you used the free voucher too!
Congrat Syed. Thanks for the list of resources.
Someone mentioned that you are the youngest in the world to get this certification. Mind if I ask how young you are?
Good going, Hisham. Congrats.
Good job, sonu arora. Congratulations.