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Recent posts by Angelo Verdicchio

Hi All,

I have received one week ago a mail form oracle to check the exam result.
With pleasure I have seen that I got it with score 148 and I am very happy for this.

The point is that now after one week I see:

1Z0-866 Java Enterprise Architect Certified Master Essay TAKEN
1Z0-865 Java Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment PASS

Why 1Z0-866 is still ion state TAKEN? The evaluation (148) that I taken isn't it base on the sum of the point got from 1Z0-865 + 1Z0-866?
Thanks in Advance for the clarification,
Hi all,

Is Java Business Integration used to integrate systems, that share business sensitive and transactional data, in a loosely coupled manner?

In case it is possible, it's better to use it or JMS?


Escape “<” and “>” parameters that displayed or evaluated by the JavaScript interpreter.

URL-encode “<” and “>”parameters so they will never be evaluated by the JavaScript Interpreter

are 2 techniques to prevent a XSS Attack?
2 years ago
sorry it is a typo
2 years ago
Hi fork,

could the use of HTPPS a mitigation strategies to prevent XSS attack?
2 years ago
Hi all,

I come back on htis question. It is not clear because:

A. Messages are secured during transport and after arrival at their destination--------------> is true
B. Each portion of a compound message is secured.------------------------------------------------> is false
C. SSL is required to ensure authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality.------------------------->it could be true. Instead at message-level we don't guarante authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality thsn we need of SSL to guarante it
D. Message attachments are secured without the need for a dedicated API.------------------>I think is false because it depend of which technology we deal. For example in case of jax-ws we need of ws-security (therefore of some API)
E. Security is dependent on the application environment or the transport protocol. --------->false
I have the same doubts of the Samuel Martinucci. have someone more detail regard this questions?
2 years ago
There is some practice exam where the answer is different.
In the follow link the correct answer is "C. JNDI Lookups with Global Java Naming "

I am scared because sometime the answer that the exam waits is different from the answer that we are sure that is.

Hi everyone,

I am studying from the book of Paul R. Allen and Joseph I. Bambara. Further I started to do the practice from the tool that is in the cd attached to the book. In accord with the content of the book I think that there are some solution in the tool that are wrong. Follow I report the question/solution that I think are wrong:

Can JSP be written in JavaScript? Solution of the tool is "TRUE" but i don't think so. At max I know that we can write JavaScript in JSP, but I don't think that we can write jsp application in JavaScript. Right?

A web component can be a remote client of EJB? Solution of the tool is "FALSE" but i don't think so. Am I wrong?

A web component or other EJB could be a local client of another EJB? Solution of the tool is "FALSE" but i don't think so. Am I wrong?

Could someone tell me If am I wrong?


Hi All,

I come from Italy but now I am in Beliugm where I work, therefore in my profile I have Italy address.
When I try to purchase the voucher (from my location in Belgium) I put my Italian address to have the invoice to the correct address, but I get the follow error "You have entered an invalid shipping address. Please enter a shipping address in your home country."

How can I resolve it?

Hi All,

I would want to know in the EJB part is it enough to have knowledge only of the EJB 3.1. Is it possible to find questions on previous version of EJB?
In Applet part is enough to know the stuff on the latest versions or is it possible to find questions on how old versions of applets worked?

Thanks in Advance
Hi all,

Like in the object my questions are:

1)The language of the questions exam will be of course in English in any country where I will do the certification, but the language that I will use in the next part 2 and part 3 will depend on the country where I will do the certification?
2)If I will pass the part 1 in one country, then after I will have to do the next part in the same county?

Thanks in advance,