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Win a copy of Beginning Java 17 Fundamentals: Object-Oriented Programming in Java 17 this week in the Java in General forum!

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Recent posts by Hardik Mahant

Thanks Paul,
It was really helpful.
Continue the awesome work you do!

- Hardik.
6 years ago
Hi Nicholas,
Welcome to the ranch.
Best wishes for the book as well.

6 years ago
I cleared OCPJP 6 yesterday with 81% score.

I wanted to share my preparation experience with you folks.

It was a tough journey for me because i have a full time job and i spent almost 3-5 hrs every day for almost 6-8 months to complete my preparation.
In order to pass the exam, i prepared from the following sources:

1. Completed K & S book with all Q & A completed. ( Q & A are very difficult and if you complete those carefully, you are most probably to get similar questions in the exam).
You don't need anything else beside this book - It's the best book for Core Java whether you take a certification or not, you must have it as a Java programmer.
2. Completed all 2 Minutes drills
3. For each topic, I wrote small snippets of code
4. Enthuware mock tests were the best for my preparation.
I did not have the time to complete all tests and used to get 65-75% on an average on the tests i attempted.
I took 2 tests on the same day since I had lack of time and wanted to attempt as many mocks as i can.
5. Experiences from previous test takers on this forum were very very useful.

Thanks to K & S and Enthuware and Coderanch, to help me succeed in the exam.

To the new test takers, Good Luck!! Just prepare well, practice, practice, sleep and go for it!

See you again!!


6 years ago