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Sergio Figueras

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Recent posts by Sergio Figueras

Srinivas Palam wrote:Congrats Sergio.

I am also planning to take OCMJEA 6. Can you please tell us which books you have referred etc .... This will help others who are planning to take the test.


Hi Srinivas,

I've made this some time ago, please use this topic:

Mike Degteariov wrote:Congrats Sergio !
Awesome mark !

Thank you Mike!

This mark wouldn't be possible without your help in answering my questions . Thanks a lot!

K. Tsang wrote:Congrats

Just curious, how many days of waiting from essay date?

Thanks K. Tsang!

12 days!
Hi folks!

Came here to say that I've passed on OCMJEA 6 exam with 149/160 score.

My assignment was GemstoneInternational, and I've opted for a very minimalistic approach on my architecture plan. A lot of people tells that you need to have diagrams full of features, etc, but I don`t think the same. I think that your architecture plan must be really simplistic and avoid any kind of complexness. I've completed my assignment in 13 days, working a lot on the diagrams and assumptions.

My biggest difficulty was with UML modeling, since I wasn't an UML expert.

Does this certification really tested me as an architect? For me, no. I was tested as an architect just in the last question of 1z0-866, which asked me what should I do if the system was with a load with 200% higher. But in fact, I`ve learned a lot and this certification has pointed me to a good study rhythm to get other certifications.

I'm so grateful to those guys: Fernando Franzini, Mike Degteariov, K. Tsang. Without your help guys, I wouldn't be there! My next steps are taking all the certifications on Java platform until october ( next month I'll take OCEEJBD / upgrade my OCEWCD).

Thanks forum, thanks a lot! If anybody has questions about this cert, feel free to contact me at



Mike Degteariov wrote:In my case, it took even less - I wrote an essay at around noon on Saturday and received an email from Oracle at 6AM next Tuesday. It's less than 3 days.

Wow! Nice!

I'm still waiting my email. I made the 1z0-866 at june 10, so, eight days of waiting. Now I'm studying to get 1z0-895 (EJB) certification next month.
Hi folks!

I'll do the certification on 20th of July, so, I need help of you guys to tell me if my study material is ok to prepare myself to this certification. I'm thinking about use this list:

- EJB 3.1 Cookbook
- Oreilly.Enterprise.JavaBeans.3.1.6th.Edition
- EJB 3.1 Spec
-  Frits Walraven Notes For Cert

What do you think guys? Is this sufficient material?


Hi folks!

In the next month, I'll try a really difficult job: pass on 1z0-899 and 1z0-895 (EJB) on the same day, 20th july. In the last three months I was spending a lot of time with OCMJEA6 certification (1z0-807, 1z0-865, 1z0-866), so, as I'm in a studying rhythm, I think that`s the best opportunity to get all the certifications of Java until the last of this year (and we`ve 20% of discount until lol). So, I can study something like 4 / 6 hours daily until 20th of July.

So, I came here because I'm preparing my studying materials for the next 30 days. For 1z0-899, it seems to me that this material is sufficient to study to the certification:

OCEJWCD Study Companion by Charles Lyons 
Head First Servlets & JSP by Basham, Sierra, Bates 
Servlet Specifications 3.1 
Enthuware Mocks

Is this sufficient material to prepare yourself to the certification? What do you think about it guys?



Mathieu Mani wrote:Hi folks,

I got oracle passing results email this morning, got 147/160.

Thank you all ranchers for your help !

Read the topics discussed in this forum has helped me a lot to improve my assignment.

For these who intend to pass OCMJEA exams, here are my tips:

- Do not just study to pass the exams but to acquire knowledge on Java EE, this will allow you to find out solutions or crack even the most diffcult issues or questions
- Part 1: Cade & Sheil, Amritendu De and OCM Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam Guide (Exams 1Z0-807, 1Z0-865 & 1Z0-866) are the books to use
- Part 2 & 3 : Focus on creating the best business design, architecture artifacts that solve your business problem
- Part 2 & 3 : be very specific, clear and concise.

Good luck !

Congrats Mathieu! ! Party time!

Yesterday I`ve submitted my essay (1z0-866). How much time they had to evaluate your assignment and essay? Yeah, they tell us that it can be from 4w to 6w, but I`ve seen some folks relating less time period. How was yours?


Hi folks,

Today I've submitted my assignment (holy christ 2 weeks of terror crawling all the links in google and a lot of discussions with good friends), and I'm free to 1z0-866 exam now.

In my Bambara's book, they uses the following list of questions about the assignment:

How does your design handle Availability?
How does your design handle Reliability?
How does your design handle Scalability?
How does your design handle Performance?
How does your design handle Security?
How does your design handle Extensibility?
How does your design handle Maintainability?
How does your design handle Manageability?
How does your design handle Persistence?
How does your design handle the Presentation Tier?

My question in: are those real questions? Where can I get the real questions, since it's not a secret? I wanna spend some time writing them before the exam.



K. Tsang wrote:Don't really understand why you think the given domain model is wrong.

But take note that a multiple (*) relationship is really mean 0 to M. Also you need to know which side is the owner. In below example, A is the owner.

1 A does M B
0 A does M B
M A does M B

Do saying the above make sense?

I think that's wrong because in all the text it mentions only one unit, in singular. For example, the domain model says that you need to have N eggs in a basket, but all the text says that it should have only an egg in a basket.

K. Tsang wrote:Hi Sergio

Will there be a class that does logging explicitly? If so yes your sequence diagram will need to refer it.

If you are using a external library like Log4J for logging, then no need to mention in class or sequence diagram.

Similarly if you are doing logging as a filter then no need.

Hi K. Tsang,

Thanks for your reply. So, where should I mention logging and auditing? On my design decisions?


Hi folks,

I've seen some people representing auditing and logging in an external logging & auditing system and other folks representing this only mentioning this as a package inside class diagram. My question is: what should be done in this case? Does I need to refer to external logging methods on my Sequence diagrams or class diagrams?


Hi folks,

Some of my use cases included another use cases. So, how do I mention it in my sequence diagrams? Just create a lifeline with the name of the diagram and puts his stereotype as <<Sequence Diagram>>?


Hi folks,

Assuming that I've a service called "TestService", that implements a "ITestService".

In my Sequence diagrams, should I mention ITestService and then TestService or just ITestService is ok?


Hi folks,

If all the text mentions your domain model entity as a single unit (always in singular), and what makes sense is to be as a single unit, but in your domain model diagram it's represented as a multiple notation (**), what would you do? Correct the domain model diagram or just get ahead with this relationship making no sense?