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Recent posts by Greg Pata

In this example, we have two producers (type 0 and 1) and one consumer. Again, the consumer waits for 50 ms and processes requests from the same type.
I thought it would be easier. The code does not end properly...

Thank you for your reply and your ideas, Tim.
Issues are present when requests arrive around the same time: hence, the slightly delayed processing to properly manage requests.

I do not fully control results of the processed requests so doing a callback on the requester might lead to inconsistency due to unreliable information.

Here is a modified producer consumer example from
The production is going to wait for consumers. Consumers will wait 50ms in the hope to get a bigger production at once. This is a working example which seems to do the job.
Question: Is there a more straightforward way to get production after a waiting time (here 50ms)?
(My solution consists of using two BlockingQueue with different behaviors.)

I tried to help you but I have never used the Scanner class. I need an answer and fast. So I google "Java Scanner how to use it".
Now I get the idea (on a side note, where is the line where the scanner is closed?) and I am confused.
What do you expect from the input? A string made of integers separated by space i.e. "1 -3 5" or directly a list of integers i.e. 1 then -3 then 5?
This expectation has to be clarified in your code.
From your code it seems you expect the user to enter integers one at a time. You tell us it does not work as expected.
Either you use a debugger in a Java IDE or you carefully read your code to imagine what the hell it is doing or you add after line 16:

What do you see?

1 year ago
The corrected code follows. The interface version will appear as soon as PropertyChangeSupport becomes deprecated. :-)
1 year ago
Thank you very much Stephan! Brilliant!
I appreciate. It is not as simple as I thought.
1 year ago
Thank you Tim for your suggestion.

Tim Moores wrote:Why an interface?

This is what is suggested here by Stephan.
It could be simple in my test code but I don't know how to do it.
1 year ago
Thank you Stephan for your time.

You are right. I will improve the code as you suggest.

The main question is: how to use an interface to replace the deprecated Observer/Observable or propertyChangeSupport/PropertyChangeListener?
1 year ago

Long story short: the  upgrade of my computer has meant the swap from Oracle JDK to OpenJDk version 15 and Observer/Observable have been declared deprecated!
In the following code (inspired from the last version found in this thread) I just want the rows of the table to be updated.

So, I replace Observer/Observable with PropertyChangeListener/PropertyChangeSupport. It runs as expected.

By curiosity I would like to know how to do it with the use of an interface. Any hint?

On a side note, in class MyRow, m_rank tracks the rank of the row in the ArrayList to avoid looking for it in a loop (see the previous code above). Is there a straightforward way to do it without the use of the explicit member m_rank?

Thank you for your help,

1 year ago
Great example! In the above code, RADIUS should have been named DIAMETER.
6 years ago

Tony Docherty wrote:The ZRow class needs to have a public no args constructor.

Indeed, thank you Tony.
6 years ago
It seems I am not able to serialize an ArrayList<NonTrivialObject>() to xml...
Here is the debug code:

The output is:

I do not know how to correct this.

Thank you for your help.
6 years ago

Sresh Rangi wrote:This can be done with the newer CompletableFuture class.

Good to know. Thank you.
Thank you, Chris, for your help!
1) Ok you are right.
2) I have tried and failed. But now, thanks to you it works . The code follows:
(slightly different from what you described)
Here is the code of a kind of client/server communication. It works.
However I am sure there is a better way to notify the client as soon as the message arrives.
Thank you for your help.