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SunilK Chauhan

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Recent posts by SunilK Chauhan

Hello all,

I am implementing one application having sso feature in it. Once I do open page from angular, it will redirect to cloud login page automatically because I have set it from file so it will redirect to there.

Now once user added succefull login credentials, I need to add user role and than revert this user object to my angular app back.

But the question is how can I get back this object to my angular app from spring boot app? As after sso login control from angular has been gone so how can I get it?

If anybody has any idea than please share with me.

1 week ago
Thanks for your quick response.

So, here it compiles JSP page into servlet code finally and than after tomcat run it.

Now, is all functions and other body portion of JSP Page be the methods inside Servlet after this compilation done?

Because in servlet, as we know that there are methods ultimately and we are calling it. So, how these all JSP page functions and body portion will get store inside servlet? As a method only?
8 months ago
Means, I can consider that String has Public and Protected constructors combine.
8 months ago
How JSP converts into servlet at run time? Can some one explains me this?

As how scriplet part will store inside servlet? How functions will get store? How jsp's other body part will get store? And how they will work at run time?

Please explain me this, if you have idea.
8 months ago
Can you please someone tell me the access modifier of string class constructor?
8 months ago
Yes, right.

We should use one query per transaction only.

And after each transaction, make practice to close it.
11 months ago
Using jquery and advanced java scripts expressions, you can create the same functionality as you wants.
1 year ago
It depends on the security set on client side computer and certificates working on.

If you want to get computer name than using login facility you can get that simply.
1 year ago
I think you are importing proper page in jsp and redirect to the some page you want.

But can you please give whole code to make it more elaborative?
1 year ago
Based on the description for your question, I understand that you want to display run time values while selecting radio buttons. Right?

If so, than you can use ajax and jquery to implement the features you like.

It would be very helpful to you as it will operate your data very fast.
From the code shown above, it's unclear that where saved file is stored in JSP page and how it is diverted to JAVA code.
based on the error you are facing, seems like connection on which port you are trying to establish a connection is not working properly or may be used by other application at the same time.

Just go through it and check for the port as why it is not accessible to the Game program.
Ya it is the right approach. But still we need to check for the values because it may happen while we are working on such system which database is modifying most of the time by number of external systems.
1 year ago

Means in programming we need to check null values every time to save program from the null exception while execution.

That's why i asked this question because this number of null checking increase the line numbers of program than the basic business logic to implement.
1 year ago
Hi All,

I know that null value check and Empty string value check is mandatory for us being a programmer.
I also know that we have null value check and Empty string check methods inside JAVA already.

But i want to know we need to make program all the time to check for null values and empty strings manually.
This is increasing the number of lines of program as well. So do we have any way to get rid of this ?

Let say by example:

Here in above code, i need to check for Empty String all time manually and also i need to write code for null value check before empty strings checking.
So, i am writing same code again and again for that purpose specially.

Do we have any way, please suggest me ?
1 year ago