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Getulio Miranda

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Recent posts by Getulio Miranda

Yeah, sounds confusing, let me explain, we are promoting a internal hacking contest (1 month long), with some .NET, Java and PHP developers so we want to provide an endpoint like an API to handle the game logic, so in the REST we should evaluate moves, checkmates and etc... and return a JSON with the board and the validations, of course to consume it the caller should pass all the pertinent attributes to the REST. With that in mind I want to provide an Java implementation of a multiplayer chess platform using the API provided though REST.

So the big doubt is, should I call the REST from my controller inside my web project acting like a proxy, I know that would be not performance centric but it doesn't matter, since the API provide a list of possibles moves that I can use to validate the move provided eagerly before submit another call.
6 years ago
Yes, makes sense,but I want to provide an endpoint so I can reuse my core in a .NET implementation.
Actually at this very first moment I want to provide a REST service that can be used by other developers to implement their own chess platform, and of course I will provide mine too... how should I design the project, any ideas?
6 years ago
Hello guys, I'm building a chess endpoint to a multiplayer chess.

So far I've created a project named chess-core (this is my core API with Pieces, moves, etc...)
also created a chess-rs (this is my endpoint using rs to play games making moves and etc...)
I want to implement a DB and a account system to store games and later on will upgrade the chess-rs to use some UCI engines.

my doubt is the following:

the core should contain all entities and logic to validate a chess move, board representation and so on...
the rs should contain points to create a game, make moves, resign and so on
I'm thinking in put a web project and use Spring to provide a user interface, and manage the DB...



this is the right design?

I mean the DB calls should be inside web project?
I'm going to call the rs inside from the JSP itself or should I use it inside my controller (business layer) on the web project?

6 years ago

just to know, how much time do you have to wait ?

:| i just finished my essay 8 days ago :| can't wait for it anymore it's killing me!
Mimmo Ludovico

If you fail you go to Pearson vue site and schedule another exam, but this time it will cost U$0.00
Hi Ritika Prasad,
the Whizlabs questions are easier than the exam but it gives a good notion of how it is.
I've purchased the exam with a retake promotion, good for me because i've failed with 70% out of 71%, this made me very angry at the moment, 2 weeks later I came back and passed with 80%
The exam questions are very subjective like Andres Olarte said.
And i've to tell you guys i didn't found any book that really covers the exam like the other certifications, there are some topics that you have to search on the internet because they aren't totally covered in the books.
Now i've submitted the assignment and scheduled the essay for tomorrow.
Hello ranchers \o

I'm preparing to the part I, before I start reading the books about it I decided to take a mock at whizlabs to measure my weakness areas,
well i've been surprised with 60% out of the 71% required to the exam, so I decided to stop and get back into the books to study my weaknesses,
a week later i finished my studies and decided to take back to the mocks, well, I've scored 74 / 76 / 68 / 86 / 78 %
I was wondering if is time to the real exam ? I already have 4 certifications (OCA, OCP, WCD and JPAD) for this reason i skipped the web tier topic of the book
and of course i've revised my worng answers and a week later i retake the mocks and socred above 90% in all
what about it guys, it's time to go to exam at monday ?