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Recent posts by Heliton Rodrigues Aranha Filho

I used Gmail too. Weird. Mine went through without a peep. I think I might have sent it through the Mail app in Mac OS though, not the Gmail web interface, you might want to try that.

Also, did you generate the JAR file by hand? Is there only images and html files inside? If there are any more files in it, including the META-INF, it might be what's throwing Gmail off, and you might want to remove them an try again.
I don't know if we've had the same problems, but mine started when I finished the essay exam. There was an error dialog on screen saying the program crashed. When I called the PeasonVUE guy to check it out, he said it had been happening all the time with Oracle exams and not to worry. I didn't get the exam email confirmation, which started to worry me. 3 days later, checking the Pearson site, the status of the assignment changed from Sent to Delivery Failed. I waited 2 more days and it still said Delivery Failed. Then I panicked and called Pearson, who denied any knowledge of the fact, saying that for him it said Delivery Successful. I even took a screen print and sent to him to prove that it said Delivery Failed, and he continued denying it, saying that in his system it was fine. Then I logged off and on again, and there it was, Delivery Successful. As I don't believe in coincidences, I'm pretty sure he manually fixed the status during the call, and I can only conclude that's why Oracle couldn't access the JAR file when they tried, because it really failed to deliver it to them and the support guy just changed the status to appease me.

Try checking your assignment status on Pearson, maybe the very same thing happened to you.

Anyways I find it very weird Oracle didn't just send you their particular email address to resend the assignment. I'd share it with you, but I don't know if it's against any rules, better get it from them.

All in all, good luck, hope it gets resolved.

Sergio Figueras wrote:What do you think about that? Should I substitute this domain classes for a single Enum? (attached image please)

You do what you gotta do, but I would strongly advise against that. In my opinion (and Cade and others here), the domain classes are sacred. My advice is work around them if you need to improve something, but don't touch them, no matter how messy your diagram gets. Maybe think a little harder about how to better design your diagram, cram things a little more to make them fit, but leave them alone. I suspect you're overdoing the diagram, maybe adding too many abstractions and attributes and operations. As I said before, KISS. Only show attributes and methods that are VERY relevant to the business, specially the ones shown in the sequence diagrams (those really must be there, as public methods). Otherwise just show the boxes and relationships. In real life I can see why you'd think about replacing them, but again, as I've said before, this is not real life nor a real project. This is Oracle's territory, it's what they want, pure and simple. Keep your clever design ideas for your real job and stick to the basics here.
Hi Linh,

This exact thing happened to me. The email is almost the same to the letter, the difference being they asked me to send the assignment by an email address they provided. I suggest you email them back asking if you can't resend the assignment via email.

Just curious, how long after you did the essay (part 3) did you get this letter? For me it was 23 days after the essay. Very upsetting :/


Sergio Figueras wrote:
Another point: do you think that should I separate diagrams by layers, as I'm doing? Separate diagrams for domain / persistence, logic, etc, in different diagrams?

For the exam I wouldn't and didn't. I followed Cade to the letter. I guess it depends on how big your diagrams are getting. My class diagram had around 30 classes, and I managed to get them in a visible and understandable way onscreen (and it's a 15" widescreen notebook, probably inferior to what they have at Oracle).

I guess it's up to you. Try to heed Cade's and your forum fellow's advices, but in the end, follow your gut. It's your cert and your money and time anyway
As a last thought, if you haven't already, consider following Cade's examples. They're what Oracle wants.
One last point, I wouldn't go into that much detail in the class diagram, showing ALL the attributes and operations. In mine I only showed the attributes that were modified in the use cases and were important business-wise, and the operations that were accessed in the sequence diagrams. Otherwise I thought it'd bee too much for the person correcting the exam to double check and it might put him off or something. Just kept it simple so it's easier to, in a glance, understand everything that's going on.
Pretty much what K Tsang said.

I'd add that you might want to use only simple association, and don't delve into the details. As I said in a previous post, with UML modelling in this exam less is more. Don't overdo it unless you're absolutely certain of what you're doing, or you'll get penalised. Remember the best design principle of all: KISS.

I also agree that the user should be a generic class (abstract or not, depends on your architecture), extended by your domain classes. That's how I did mine.

You can add the interface to generalize domain ideas (in my case I used abstract classes), but try not to over do it, specially "inside" the domain diagram provided in the assignment. Try to keep that core as pure as you can, as it seems some people here have lost points for messing too much with it. That also goes for the multiplicity.

I basically kept the core domain diagram intact, and built around it, adding abstractions, associations and dependencies. The only multiplicities I used were the ones already in the domain diagram; I chose to play it safe as, again, this is not a professional project, this is just for Oracle and it's what they want and they will be very strictly and technically grading you. So you'll end up doing things you normally wouldn't do just to please them. Think of them as a very annoying and picky customer that you just want to get the project done and move on to better things.


Sergio Figueras wrote:
Thank you SO MUCH for your tips Heliton!

No prob, just trying to give back what was given to me for free

Sergio Figueras wrote:
I've tried to remove "+" sign from protocols many times, but I don't know why, the tool that I'm using (StarUML) always add it again. I added it as a Communication Path between the nodes.

I used the Virtual Paradigm tool. Was really pleased with it, specially the new version (12). It lets you edit everything, even things it put there automatically. Plus it's free (Community Version). But if you already have your entire project in StarUML, just keep it there and hope for the best

Sergio Figueras wrote:
I think that you're not breaking any rules here because I'm asking for help, not an end solution. Lol

Better safe than sorry. Was a long and hard road to get these certificates, don't wanna lose them on a technicality.

Sergio Figueras wrote:
Security is really a concern about this project, because as the assignment says "128bit encryption at a minimum". But I don't know how could I represent it into my UML model. I've tried to search for everything at google images and still nothing about it.

If security is an explicit concern in the assignment, then you should try harder. It wasn't on mine, but I still covered all my bases. Try adding a couple of firewalls in there, some secure protocols, and detail the security practices you find adequate in the assumptions file.
Looks fine to me. I just find the protocol notation a little odd as I've never seen it being represented in UML with a plus sign in the front. Myself I used a stereotype (<<HTTP>>), which is what most UML books recommend. Remember that regarding the diagrams, less is more, because they take away points for wrong UML usage. Also I only put one line leading to the cluster node, not one for each node in the cluster, as the cluster should be a single virtual unit when viewed from the outside, but that's up to you (I assume you did it because you want to show that only 2 nodes are active at any one time? If so, the fact that you specify the backup node does that already).

I didn't put the full server specs as you did, just enough so they'd know which server I was recommending and why, but as Jeanne always says, the more info the better. Just don't forget to put those explanations in the assumptions file too, and set them aside to use in Part 3 if you get asked about it.

One final thing, and I hope I'm not breaching any forum rules here (if I am, moderators, feel free to delete/edit this post), but you forgot about security (shhh don't tell them I told ya).

Keep up the good work!
Congrats to all of us new OCMJEAs

Mine took 5 weeks to the day, and that includes Oracle losing my assignment and having to resubmit by email. I envy you, Mike; those were some long, nerve-wrecking 5 weeks for me. Specially monitoring this thread and seeing you guys getting your results so early (my essay exam was only 3 days after Vishal's, and it took so much longer to get graded, for example).

For reference purposes, I got a 141 on part 2, 71% on 864 and 73% on 807.

Cheers to all!
As K Tsang said, you'll get a chance to justify some of your choices in part 3.

I did justify and explain a lot of them too in the assumptions file (better safe than sorry). This file is very important: if you're through when writing it, it'll probably save your behind when the examiner doesn't understand something in your diagrams and his finger is itching to grade you down

Angelo Verdicchio wrote:Ok, everything is clear.

another question: In the muliple choice exam for the question where you can check multiple answers, it is always specified the number of the answers that you have to choice?

Yes, it says how many answers you must choose, for example, pick the best 2 answers about JCA.

And in the end, if you let some question slip by without marking all the required number of answers, it'll show up in the validation screen before you can submit the test, so as long as you don't get trigger-happy, you'll get warned and get a chance to review your pending questions.
For my 2 cents, I did specify the caching solution in the assumptions file. As long as the overall solution is JEE based, I don't think Oracle cares that much about minor components from other companies or open source groups (I've heard of people who got the cert and used Spring!)

Worry about providing the best solution for the business problem, that's what they care. The rest is just specs.
I'm from Brazil and the only language option was English (which makes it not an option at all, at that). I don't think they care where you do each part, as you book them separately with different vouchers. What matters is that you pass