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"inside of every large program is a small program struggling to get out"

Eric Matyas

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Recent posts by Eric Matyas

Greetings Earthlings!

This week’s new free tracks are:

On my Sci-Fi 8 page: page:

STRANGE LANDS – (Looping) – Perhaps on an alien world?

On my Fantasy 9 page:

OF OTHER WORLDS - Here’s a dreamy, far away sounding piece that might work under the intro screens of a game…or perhaps something else.

QUIRKY MAGIC – (Looping) – Perhaps for casting spells in an RPG?

I try very hard to create and upload at least one new free piece of game art each day. Feel free to friend me on Facebook to get daily updates in your news feed. My page is here:

Finally, if you need some affordable custom work created (music, sound effects, images, etc.,) feel free to email me. My email address is here:

Hey guys,

Here are this week’s new free tracks:

On my Action 3 page:


On my Puzzle Music 4 page:


And on my World page:

LUAU – (Looping)

1 week ago
This week, we have some cool new fantasy wood textures…maybe useful for old ships, barrels, boardwalks, structures, doors, etc…

TXR- WOOD - Seamless

Enjoy…and keep being creative!
1 week ago
Hey guys,

I’m a bit under the weather, but I did manage to get a couple of new tracks done:

On my Dark/Ominous 2 page:

MIDNIGHT FOG – (Looping) – What creeps though the fog? This track might go well with my other one, “Midnight Mist.”

On my Nature/Science 3 page:

DEEP SKY OBJECTS – They shimmer silently in the night sky like ancient jewels. Most can only be seen with a telescope. The light passing through my lens and into my eye left these objects long before humans walked the Earth. Perspective is humbling.

Like all of my music, they are completely free to use with attribution.

1 week ago
Happy July!

This week we have more new fantasy textures to add to my 4000+ images:

A bunch of new fantasy ground images here:

TXR- Ground

Here's a new charred-looking fantasy brick texture:

TXR- Brick -Seamless

And a new fantasy stone/brick texture:

TXR – Rock/Stone - Seamless

All are free to use with attribution. Attribution information is here:

Have a good week!
2 weeks ago
Greetings everyone,

New free music is ready for you here:

On my Fantasy 8 page:

On my Fantasy 9 page:

And on my Sci-Fi 8 page:

100% free to use with attribution.

**If you find my music helpful, please consider making a donation to my website. The synthesizers I use to create the music and sounds that I share with everyone are very expensive…so expensive, in fact, that I have to make monthly payments on them…and donations really help me a lot to pay for them. Thanks in advance…and please feel free to share your projects…I love to see how creative people are using my work!
3 weeks ago

Another super-busy week last week, but I did manage to create a bunch of new grimy metal textures. They live here:

TXR – Metal - Seamless

100% free to use with attribution.

More cool new music tracks are on their way later in the week.

See you then!
3 weeks ago
Hey guys

I’ve got some cool new music ready for everyone. Free to use with attribution:

On my Dark / Ominous 2 page:
MIDNIGHT MIST – What lurks in the mist? Muah hah hah!

On my Sci-Fi 7 page:
CROSSING THE LIGHT YEARS – This might work under the intro to a space-themed game or project.

And on my Technology 2 page:
DIGITAL DAYDREAMS – Maybe one day machine-beings will daydream…I wonder what it will be about.

4 weeks ago
Brand new texture images are ready for your projects on these pages:


TXR – BRICK - Seamless
Some bricks covered with moss…

Perhaps for bottom of a pond...or a walkway….

About 4,000 more images are waiting for you as well. All free to use with attribution. Enjoy and have a good week!
1 month ago
I'll see what I can do.  :-)
1 month ago
One at a time? In groups?
1 month ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Eric Matyas wrote:. . . SFX - Coins . . .

It even includes dropping coins Do you have any sounds for counting coins in a pile?

Like...picking them up?
1 month ago
Glad they are helpful!

I’ve decided to begin expanding the sound effects section of my website (which desperately needs it) so if anyone has any requests, just let me know.

One request that I received on social media is for various coin sounds, so here’s a brand new page devoted to that:

SFX - Coins

As always, feel free to edit as needed.

1 month ago
Hey guys,

More fantasy texture images await you…free as always to use with attribution.


They’re pretty wild….I’d be really interested to see how someone puts these to use!


Some nasty looking stuff here…blech!


These grungy metal textures might be useful for sci-fi or urban-themed projects.

Btw, I’ve begun my quest to expand the free sound effects section of my website. Any requests?
1 month ago
Hi everyone,

Here’s a brand new track on my puzzle music 4 page:

“ELECTRIC RAINDROPS” – (Looping) – Perhaps for a quiet, methodical puzzle with a hint of mystery (and quirkiness.)

Continuing to build up the ambience section of my site…(which is in dire need)… here are some more new ambiences on my AMB - Sci-Fi Ambience page:

“MIDNIGHT CYBER STREETS” – For a creepy, deserted nighttime situation perhaps.

“FAILING GRID” – Perhaps in a dystopic cyber world.

As always, if you happen to use my work in your project, send me a link…I’d love to see it!

Daily updates are here as I release new assets:
1 month ago