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Recent posts by A Arnold

Hi Campbell!

The book that I have actually is Java Concepts by Cay Horsmann 4th edition.
It is actually a good book and I like it. It looks like it does have some of the things you are talking about, but I think I might check out that book you suggested since it is also Cay's work. I seem to connect with this material quite a bit.
I did also buy Intro to Java Programming by Liang 9th edition yesterday since I liked his book in an Amazon preview and it came highly recommended on Reddit.
Thanks for the suggestions! I can use all of them that I can get on this journey.
4 years ago
Thank you everyone for your thoughts on this!
@Campbell Ritchie Thanks for the advise! I think the book I am using is too old. I just looked at the copyright date and it said 2005! I'm going to go to Amazon and see if I can find a newer version of this book so I get educated on the latest version of Java.
4 years ago
Hello Everyone!

I'm just starting out on Java with an old textbook that I have had lying around and doing the exercises to get me familiar with Java.
So I am working on a problem in this book that is talking about the Rectangle class and locating this method in the API:

What the book is asking is I read through the API to figure out what this code would do and create a program if I don't understand:

I didn't quite understand what the API was talking about, so I wrote a little program:

What I saw was the x and y were now 0,0.
So does this mean that my rectangle shrank in size to accommodate this new point or did it increase in size to accommodate this new point?
Could someone let me know?

4 years ago
Hello Everyone,

So just to give an overview of myself and my career thus far: I'm 34 years old and I graduated with my degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Probability and Statistics in 2013. I have worked mostly in SQL since graduating college, but I have worked with SAS, SPSS, and R as well through my classwork in college.
I got my first job right out of college working for a healthcare company working as an "data analyst." Unfortunately, being a data analyst for me has just been what I call a report jockey just cranking out reports all day long. It's really boring and I just feel as though I have made a mistake in my career and my education.
During my time as an analyst though, I have realized I really enjoy the programming part of my job and really not much else. I like working with SQL to produce what my end users like to see (or maybe not see depending upon the circumstances).
Realizing that I do not think I want to be a data analyst for much longer since I am tired of just producing reports and nothing more than reports, I want to change over to programming since I want to do more and have more challenges in my career.
I started out at Codecademy and I've been bouncing between there and Code School as I learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Really love JavaScript. I hope to get either Ruby or Python down and then move into Java from there.
I do realize that these are web developer languages, but I feel as though that this is at least a good start in getting my feet wet.
What I am worried about is that since I have a Math degree and not a CS degree that I am going to be disregarded regardless of any skills I may obtain. I have been thinking about signing up for classes at a community college that is nearby to either get a certification or an Associates Degree, but I also wonder if that will be worth it to employers who would want to see maybe a four year CS degree instead of a four year Math degree.
I am hoping to see if there is anyone out there that has any thoughts as to how a Math degree would be viewed when applying for a programming position. Is it that big of a deal to have a CS degree or can other majors get programming jobs if they can show they have the chops?
Also, what would be some career paths that I could possibly take from moving from a data analyst position to programmer? I know that I probably wouldn't get into programming right away given my current career experience, but if I could have some ideas about transitional careers, that would be great as well.

Thanks so much!!
5 years ago