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Recent posts by Roger Jenkins

Hi all,

Does anyone know which Java exam is comparable to the C# 70-483 exam? Could that be the Java SE 8 1Z0-808 exam? I could not find straight answer on this question on the internet.
The reason I'm asking this is because a C# 70-483 exam or a comparable Java exam is one of the prerequisites for me to get a job at a certain place.

Thanks in advance!
I nearly bought the Oraclestudy mock exams, but after some online research I am now doubting if they are for real. I don't have conclusive evidence either way but that's what my gut-feeling now says: it is now preventing me to proceed so for now I am not going to do so anymore. Does anyone have experience with them?
I felt obliged to post this in the thread to everyone reading this since I also explicitly mentioned them in my initial post. I would have edited them out of my initial post but I'm too late so I'm posting this second post instead.
Hi all!

I would like to start a thread that reviews the quality of the available OCAJP 7 and OCAJP 8 Mock Exams and practice exam questions. I'm especially interested in the experience and opinion every user has on these 1Z0-803 and 1Z0-808 Mock Exams.

I myself used the mock exams from Enthuware for OCAJP 7.
These were great in my opnion! I think they have enormous value for money and I learned a lot from the explanations provided! Enthuware also have great support: if you have a valid question about their mock-exam questions, they are great and timely in answering these questions and in helping you out. I think are pretty much complete in their material. Furthermore, there are quite some hard questions among them but I regard that as a good thing.

I also did the mock exam questions from Sierra & Bates' book (OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Exam Guide). I thought these were great as well! They are pretty hard and I learned a lot from these questions, although someone else might make the counter-argument that the real exam doesn't contain three pitfalls in each question (I'm exaggerating a little).

But there are other mock exams and practice questions for the OCAJP 7 and OCAJP 8 exams, for example:
- practice questions and mock exams from Boyarsky and Selikoff's book (Oracle Cerfified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide).
- mock exams from Whizlabs.
- mock exams from Oraclestudy
- mock exams from Kaplan
- and several other mock exams and practice questions that are not yet mentioned here.

A list of OCA 7/8 study materials can be seen on another thread of Javaranch: OCA 7/8 study materials

However, in this thread I would like to collect only the opinions and reviews of users on their experiences they have had with different mock exam websites or books with mock exams and practice questions.

I hear that some of the websites and books that provide these questions are (very) good, and others not so much.
For example, this person who finally passed the OCAJP8 exam with 98% seemed to love Boyarsky and Selikoff's exam questions but he really disliked Kaplan's mock exams: Finally passed OCAJP8 (1Z0-808) with 98%!

Of course, different people can have different opinions so one opinion might not mean much but maybe together we can reach a consensus in this thread on which mock exam sites and books are good and which ones are not.

So I think that collecting user reviews of these mock exams and practice questions in sites or books in one place such as this one can be very worthwhile.

Thanks in advance to everyone for sharing their opinions and experiences!
Thank you for your answer!

I'm in a very late stage in preparing for the Java 7 exam. I studied the theory of Java 7 thoroughly more than once and I'm now taking the mock exams. I can't study full time, so I hope to take the exam in about six weeks or so and finally wrap this thing up. Of course I'll have to update to Java 8 or 9 at a later date, but at least I'll have the certficate soon (hopefully) and don't have to postpone anymore.

Now I know I don't have to hurry to take the exam before Java 9 gets out.
(I think I had the Apple iPhone model in my mind: Apple discontinues support for earlier models - a few versions back - once a new version of the iPhone comes out. Thanks to your answer I know that that fortunately isn't the case with Oracle and Java.)

Thanks again!

I am planning to take the Java OCA SE 7 exam somewhere in the future. But Java SE 9 is coming out soon. I can imagine that Oracle will discontinue the OCA SE 7 exam somewhere in the future.
So my question is: Does someone know if there is a deadline for taking the OCA SE 7 exam? In other words: does someone know if and when they are going to discontinue the Java OCA SE 7 exam, or will that not be the case anytime soon?

Thanks in advance!

Dave Tolls wrote:As Henry suggests, that code doesn't compile, and that message is thrown by the IDE when it attempts to run code that doesn't compile.

Thanks for your answer!
4 years ago

Henry Wong wrote:

Roger Jenkins wrote:
The message that I get is: "exception MyException is never thrown in body of corresponding try statement".
Ok, that is true, but I thought that finally block ALWAYS runs, except when System.exit() is called.
Can someone explain this to me?

Are you running code with compile errors (using an IDE that supports it, of course)?  If so, then read this...


Thank you for your answer and for the link!

Yes, I was running code with compile errors and an IDE that supports it.
So the first take-away message for me is that I should fix all compiler errors before running the application: the fact that "exception MyException is never thrown in body of corresponding try statement" is a compiler error so that should be fixed first, before I start thinking about if the finally block always runs or not.
And the second take-away message is that an IDE helps confuse these issue's so it is preferred to start learning Java without an IDE.
I am assuming that I am correct in my take-away messages unless you want to add something.

Thanks again!
4 years ago

A finally block in a try-catch is always supposed to run (except if code from the try or catch blocks call System.exit()).
So I am wondering why the finally block doesn't run in the following code:

The message that I get is: "exception MyException is never thrown in body of corresponding try statement".
Ok, that is true, but I thought that finally block ALWAYS runs, except when System.exit() is called.
Can someone explain this to me?

4 years ago
Thank you both for responding. I have replied to Devaka with the code.
4 years ago
...or do you want me to give you the code as a reply on this forum?
4 years ago
Yes, I have received your email. It asked me to reply with a code and that is what I have done just now.
4 years ago
Hi, I got a message from the Java Ranch staff that said that the email address in my user profile has been considered invalid. However, my email address in my user profile IS valid.
The message also said that I should get in touch with one of the moderators at the forums if I thought my email address was valid, and that's why I'm posting this. So my question is: what do I do now?
4 years ago
On page 272, regarding the methods in the StringBuilder-class, the headline regarding the toString() method says:
public String toString()

but shouldn't that be:
public StringBuilder toString()

since it is a StringBuilder method and not a String method?

(This post originated in the K&B7 errata thread)