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A last word on this topic. You'll have to close my account then. Possibly more the Javaranch loss than mine.
It is the Java ranch policy that needs sorting out, a point already made in my posting on the naming policy thread.
"Lasse Koskela"
I have made a post on the naming policy thread.
By my interpredation of naming policy, there is no real basis to pull me on the choice of name.
So please desist from doing so.
As I recall certain colleges do publish results lists in some newspapers. There would nothing wrong in Sun making available a list of those who have passed exams, though it would highly contentious on whether marks should be shown and whether those who have failed were shown. The information is hardly that private, as it will be on most peoples CV for all and sundry to see.
But what incentive is there for Sun and other bodies, it would require an administrive overhead above that at the moment. Who would be allowed access and what would they be charged. At the moment, employers can ask to see your certificate if they need proof.
Demand for having results public accessible would possibly be a mark that certification has achieved professional standing. But a few exams, while useful benchmarks, are a long way from such a status.
The naming policy or the description of it has two fundamental flaws.
Firstly it is confused. In the FAQ section it says quite plainly that you need not use your real name. Then in a round about way it gets to say the same thing, use a real name, well maybe a shorter version if you have a long name, a near likeness and so on.
Secondly, its actually quite rude on the subject of cultural difference in naming. Offhand, I don't know which cultures only have one name, but the manner in which the topic is dealt with is lacking finesse. The typical technical lack of people handling. It reads poorly to ask people to sacrifice a piece of their culture to serve that of another.
16 years ago
Just don't tell anyone. I'd expect Sun to protect access to all test results, whether passed or failed, which are not publically available, remember you have to enter your prometric number and a password to view your own results.
If you have told anyone, there is less to be ashamed about in not passing the beta. Limited time to prepare, less clear materials to work from,less time per question over the real exam are all quite valid reasons.
Its a bummer to miss by a few marks.
I that the Ed Roman book which can be downloaded in pdf form for free (forget where, might have been javaranch), is helpful.
I also found the EJB 2.0 spec, while heavy going in parts, was very useful in some sections. particularly for looking at XML layouts, which helped clarify certain aspects.
As I remember from other certifications, you should get a sectioned score which will help clarify areas needing more attention.
As you're going to have to pay for the next exam yourself, don't rush it, unless you have problems knowing what to do with the cash in your pocket. Neither feel that you have to aim for a high score, its a play off between economy of effort (time is previous) and comfort zone of passing (64 will do).
16 years ago
Jason, As well as a naming policy, shouldn't there also be an attempt at proper rather than a show of politeness?
I do recall that earlier attempts to create such a display name were blocked, quite how I've managed this is a puzzle. Perhaps in your apology you can enlighten me.
The answer can be more quickly determined by doing a search. vivisimo is a good choice. Should find it on the very first response.
You need to check on the sun site, possibly the cert manager, assignment upload. I felt fairly certain that I had seen that the limit was 1.OMb, smaller than what you have quoted.
I suspect that for the SCJD you are over-complicating the design.
Lock (-1) could be issued by another program interfacing to the app, such as a database maintenance program.
Clients with existing locks would need to be able to complete their transactions and no new locks would be allowed.
For testing I put a menu option on the client app that allowed a database lock to be applied and then tried accessing from another client.
Keep it simple.
Having done the SCJD, which meant learning much more than is probably useful about swing. I'd suggest that you give some thought to the Architect exams.
A lot depends on your java profiency, if low, as mine was, then SCJD, is probably worth suffering the swing to write some solid java code. There are numerous useful support sites about.
The downside of the Architect is finding out what is actually needed and getting started.
18 years ago
Its a pass.
Your score for server design is high, which is one of the core aspects of the assignment.
At a guess, I'd suggest seeing that your score is let down by documentation and the gui, that the issue is probably visual presentation and document organization.
18 years ago