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Recent posts by Irvan Kosini

yes, i have defined a welcome page on my web.xml

the problem is my java doesnt work on tomcat but working on netbeans, do you know how to solve it ?
5 years ago
my war file after i clean and build is upfold.war and my project name is upfold , is it wrong ?

if it is wrong , can you tell me how to change it ?
5 years ago
localhost:8080/upfold/ -> Tomcat
localhost:8084/upfold/ -> Netbeans
5 years ago
i have a project JSP on netbeans and i have build it and make it to WAR file.

i have import and deploy WAR file on tomcat web application manager. but i have a problem, i have a login page, when i login using it on Netbeans it OK, but when i run it on web using tomcat that i have deploy on tomcat web application manager it show HTTP Status 404 /upfold/Test *upfold is my folder and Test is servlet

anyone know how to solve this ? urgent TT
5 years ago
i have code like this


when i login it always show fail.jsp, how to fix it ?
5 years ago
sorry for confusing you guys.

as you can see from my first post which contain my code, it already can adding user to LDAP server which i have check using an application call ldapadmin on windows. i can see user have been added. but it still have some problem. i can't login with the user and pass that i have added before. because it need loginShell and homedirectory, (loginShell: /bin/bash/ homeDirectory: /home/username). i have tried to adding attribute like this

but can't, it give me error like this

if you guys have a way or an alternate way to solve this, please tell me how to do it.

Thank You
5 years ago
hi, i want to ask about how to setting homedirectory and loginshell on java, anyone know how to do it ?
5 years ago

I am running OpenLDAP server and i wish to adduser to my ldap server and do authentication.
I wish to do it from a JNDI Java Program.

this code already can connect ldap and java, also can adduser but cannot set homedirectory and loginshell, How do i do this??

5 years ago
i just take login as example, i just want to know how to do it TT
5 years ago
Its ok , because i just it on local, not public.

Can you tell me how to do it ?
5 years ago
yup, i want a sh file.

just when like when you use login command it always asking for password, so what i need is when i run an sh for login that contain user and pass it can automaticaly input the userpass without me input it.
5 years ago
i need to do pass a value when running shell, for example

delay 200
delay 200

so i didnt have to input anything when i running it
5 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:But that was your idea to write that message. In reality you only know that there's some kind of problem with authentication. I'd suggest you let the exception speak for itself:

i have change it to ex.printStackTrace() this is the output:

and when i run this command on terminal : ldapwhoami -vvv -h -p 389 -D "dc=dtn,dc=com" -x -w kosini
the output is this : ldap_initialize( ldap:// )
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)

from my reference site that i have post before, only tell me to setting ldap, am i suppose to setting PAM also ? if yes, what should i do
5 years ago
i have tried a lot of things for connect my ldap server via java

here is my code

when i run it the output is [ incorrect password or username ]
the id and password is true but the output say incorrect pass and user

if you guys have some idea please tell me

this is my reference web:
5 years ago