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Recent posts by caio bessa

Bj Peter DeLaCruz wrote:

caio bessa wrote:Yeah, thanks for all the information, pay 3k euros it just states the end of that certification.

Are you going to clear EDU-1202 before June 30 so you do not have to pay 3,000€?

I will try the EDU-1202 wish me luck
Yeah, thanks for all the information, pay 3k euros it just states the end of that certification.
Strange, because looking at the oracle site has this course (Java SE 7 Programming) like required prerequisites
Caution 'Java EE 7 New Features' have required prerequisites ('Java SE 7 Programming').

My course I paid in Brazil, I transfer to oracle's account.
Hi All,

I have cleared all the exams for OCMJEA 6 certification. I got the result today (10 days after I take essay exam).

I pass with score 143 and I'm very happy for this. I would like to thank all members and especially to K Tsang.


->presentation tier
.Interceptig Filter
.Front Controller
.Context Object
.Application Controller
.View Helper
.Composite View
.Service to Worker
.Dispatcher View

->businees tier
.Business Delegate
.Service Locator
.Session Façade
.Application Service
.Business Object
.Composite Entity
.Transfer Object
.Transfer Object Assembler
.Value List Handler

-> Integration tier
.Data Access Object
.Service Activator
.Domain Store
.Web Service Broker
You need wait 48h hours from completing your requirements for the certification to show in the menu "Claim or share my badge". Next that go to cerview and click in "Certification Management" -> "Claim or share my badge". In "actions" click in option "share"
Congratulations. I'm still waiting my result, I did my part 3 exam 4 days ago.
You obtained your result very fast. I hope I obtain mine very fast too.
I put all patterns in my resume and read it every day.

I used this mock exam epractizelabs
I had some problem with ePracticelab.

Very hard to use and the review does not have next/previous. and have some bugs.
The problem is in the pearson vue. But they could not solve my problem.

I solve my problem when I sent an email to (in my case, because I live in brazil)
with the following prints

1 - I trying shedule the 1z0-866 exam ( erro message)
2- Open the 1z0-865 test and took the print of the success message to upload assigment
3 - the 1z0-865 test status in progress. (The correct and pending)

If not solve your problem. Post again here. I will help you.

Today, I could schedule my essay exam o///

The reason was an error of pearson vue. My test (1z0-865) was status "in progress" today person vue change status to "pending".

Now I scheduled my essay exam. I can try to take my OCMEJA )