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This soul began to dwell in this body named Ganesh Patekar since 31/07/1987 in Solapur, Maharashtra, India.
Being youngest child in the family had happy childhood but I was also an obstinate kid As days go by I became more amiable.
I had persuaded Bachelors of computer application( BCA, Batch 2007-10 ) from Sinhgad College of Science, Pune. I’m so greedy about learning so couldn’t stop there so persuaded Master of computer application ( MCA ) from Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune. I used to act as emcee and compare in college events. Those were the best days of life.
I really adore to learn new things. I always eager to write a beautiful code I enjoy visiting natural places near by Pune on weekends.
I’m passionate about maintaining good physic so I do yoga, pranayama and workout regularly because I think, health is wealth.
Pune, Maharashtra, India.
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Sounds funny though...

10 hours ago
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  • 23 hours ago

    Andreas Pagonides wrote:Is this a last minute change or did they make a mistake?

    They had mistakenly written 2019 i had also seen that, now updated to 2018. So yes it's December 31, 2018. See here and here.
    Philippe De Neve,
    Congratulations!! that's really a great score.

    Randy Maddocks wrote:.....#MeToo movement and so many male celebrities, in particular, being accused of various questionable actions towards female co-workers, associates, etc.... That's not to say I am against a movement like that, it's great to see something like that that can empower women.

    Same thing is going on in India since last month, who knows how much truth is in that.

    Lesson: No matter what situation you are in, how angry you become. Stay calm and keep quit let this Time pass else smashing anything on the floor makes things more worse specially your cell phone. 

    1 day ago
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    2 days ago

    Jean-Marcel Belmont wrote:Sorry everybody but it looks like I got swapped with John Horton, I didn't write this book unfortunately but John Horton did

    Thank you so much Jean. 
    2 days ago
    Welcome to CodeRanch once again 
    2 days ago
    It appears you haven't initialized those two String variables in the constructor. Will you please post the complete new updated code?
    4 days ago

    Jeremiah Waters wrote:I'm trying to create a code that will compare two Strings to determine if the first word should be placed before or after the second word in the dictionary

    If you user input String two = "Ape"; which gives resulted output abe should be placed after Ape which is incorrect as per dictionary word order so better use compareToIgnoreCase(...) method.

    I guess you're initializing those two instance variables in a parameterised constructor of class WordsCompare then you can validate them by putting a if statement in it as following

    By the way following code
    imports all the static members of the System class which you seem not using anywhere, you can remove that or make use of it as follow in Main class's main method.

    4 days ago

    Carey Brown wrote:however I still feel that toString() should call it otherwise there's nothing to guarantee that it is called before toString() is called.

    I think the same.
    4 days ago

    Carey Brown wrote:You might want to consider putting the logic in your compare() method directly into your toString() method and then do away with compare() and the member variable "compare". Seems like that would be cleaner.

    Just a doubt.

    You mean put the code of compare method into toString method and remove compare method and instance variable compare?

    If that's what you meant, wouldn't that be better to keep code of comparing string separate in a method compare rather than mixing that code in the method toString? which probably changes the meaning or what name of method i.e. toString implies? I mean when we see toString we ought to think it converts something to String.

    What if we write method compare as following

    which also removes compare instance variable? what would you suggest?
    4 days ago
    Mohammed Abobakr,

    Congratulations !!   

    Thank you for coming back and reporting us. Good to know you have had good experience. It would be really helpful for other OCA certification aspirants if you share the resources and how you prepared to achieve this milestone.