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Ganesh Patekar

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since Jun 24, 2015
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This soul began to dwell in this body named Ganesh Patekar since 31/07/1987 in Solapur, Maharashtra, India.
Being youngest child in the family had happy childhood but I was also an obstinate kid As days go by I became more amiable.
I had persuaded Bachelors of computer application( BCA, Batch 2007-10 ) from Sinhgad College of Science, Pune. I’m so greedy about learning so couldn’t stop there so persuaded Master of computer application ( MCA ) from Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune. I used to act as emcee and compare in college events. Those were the best days of life.
I really adore to learn new things. I always eager to write a beautiful code I enjoy visiting natural places near by Pune on weekends.
I’m passionate about maintaining good physic so I do yoga, pranayama and workout regularly because I think, health is wealth.
Pune, Maharashtra, India.
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You can refer My Story of people who passed the exam in OCAJP Wall of Fame. It will let you know how they prepared for the exam, problems they faced and how tackled etc. See if that helps.
Happy new year to everyone.  
1 month ago
May you get what you seek. Merry Christmas to everyone !
Image Source
1 month ago
Congratulations Tim !    that's huge contribution...
1 month ago

Daniel Demesmaecker wrote:Wouldn't it be an idea to implement an option to mark a thread as solved and close it?

Non staff ( OP ) can only request to resolve a topic whenever he/she feels is satisfied with the answers but only staff can mark it as resolved.
You can find that button at top, added screenshot. Once non staff request topic to be resolved you see red circle icon and red dot(s) on topic when marked as resolved by staff.
Refer Topic icons for icons

2 months ago

Claude Moore wrote:I'm really proud to have been promoted from ranch hand to ranch foreman for the whole month of December.

Another moment of pride that you have been mentioned/listed in November 2018 Journal for achieving 1000+ posts. Congrats!! and thank you for contributions.  

If I am not wrong, I should be able to award post with cows,

Privilege of granting cows starts from Rancher title.  You can read Ranch Cows: Granting Cows and Saloon Titles

Note: These rules/feature may change/keep changing for improvement.
2 months ago
Congratulations Tim    thank you for 5000+ contributions !
2 months ago
Welcome to CodeRanch Aditya

aditya parikh wrote:Would love to get a copy of this one.

To be eligible for drawing you have to create separate topic/thread in this forum for each question you have. Good luck !
2 months ago
Welcome to CodeRanch all of you and congratulations for your new book
2 months ago

Ganesh Patekar wrote:

Andreas Pagonides wrote:Is this a last minute change or did they make a mistake?

They had mistakenly written 2019 i had also seen that, now updated to 2018. So yes it's December 31, 2018. See here and here.

You can check right now above links in quote. Probably when you got the email that time that mistake was not noticed/rectified by them so you got date of 2019 but later they corrected that since mail already sent to you so you have wrong date text. If you still skeptical about the date you can forward the email you received to oracle help/support.  
Congratulations Junilu,

Your question has made it to our Journal    

Have a Cow!
2 months ago
Congratulations Gerard Charles,

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Congratulations Piet Souris,

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Congratulations Phillip Small,

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