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Recent posts by Varun Khanna

Thanks Eric and Bear.

I have another question. I have realized those who are using JQuery, they are mostly using & recommending a single html approach where-in the contents are dynamically changed in the page by javascript. I googled a bit and seems like this is called as SPA (Single Page Architecture). Is this a recommended or preferred design? If I use separate HTML pages, just I liked used to have during "JSP days", will that be considered a bad design? At this point I'm not sure if I do that, what all will I miss. What I can think of is, having separate HTML pages will allow me to write lesser javascript, also with team of many developers - lesser chances of people working on same file. Am I missing something?

Thanks much.
Hi Friends,

I'm in the middle of evaluating technologies for my next assignment. Evaluating if we can use javascript (JQuery) to generate UI content and JAX-RS at server side. I've created a mock page with few artifacts and played around.
I noticed that to create some of the things such as a grid, I have to look around for plugins developed by developers. For e.g. for grid creation I found that jqgrid is pretty useful. Question I have here is suppose if I decide to use jqgrid, would I have to rely upon the developer of jqgrid for future support. For e.g. if a new browser/ or version of it comes up and by that time suppose the support isn't around - what options would I have other than asking developers to go and make changes in jqgrid? Ours is a basically team of java developers, so I'm little bit apprehensive if it would be that easy. Other option that we are evaluating is GWT. I haven't much looked into it yet, but assume chances of getting support in future could be bit high since it has a backing of a bigger organization.

Would like hear opinions from people on how they planing for such scenarios and what recommendations do they have.

Hello Guys,

We are to start on new Admin module. Typical activities would be around user creation, roles management, permission etc. We have server side written using ReST APIs. Client side we are evaluating GWT or Jquery.
The query I have around JQuery is if we are to use it, should we be using any web framework that would sit between JQuery and ReST code OR can we directly connect JQuery based UI with ReST? I've experience of JSF and some of the server side tasks such page navigation, backing bean population etc. were neatly handled by JSF framework. How should we handle such scenario when using Jquery + Rest. Is there any java based server side framework that JQuery support which we can use between JQuery and ReST? Thanks in anticipation.

Perhaps (20/60) * (20/60) = 0.11?

Disclaimer: been decade and a half since I worked on probability
12 years ago
44th October.
14 years ago
Good to see that Sachin leaving it all to youngsters in the pic... after all they are the future
15 years ago
Assuming your salary is more than 5 lacs, this budget will be overall favorable until you make a capital gain around 8 lacs of Rupees. Around 8 lacs, the short term 5% increase in capital gain tax will offset the Rs 44,000 you will save in tax (assuming you are a male and a non-senior citizen). But hang on- if I have made Rs. 8 lacs short term capital gain- I perhaps won't mind paying extra 5% extra tax. Overall, this looks like a good budget!
15 years ago

Originally posted by Prad Bhat:
Very soon 1 USD= 35 INR.

Do you know dollar reached 34 INR level in 90s only to to bounce to 50 levels eventually.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Arjun Shastry:
I doubt this Rupee control is in solely RBI's hand.One reason told by (one stock broker) is large capital foreign investment is being made by foreign investors.

Yes. He's right, that is what I explained in point (ii) in reply to Manish!
15 years ago

Originally posted by Chunnard Singh II:

I don't know if the RBI is actually buying up dollars(I know China does do this)

Read this: RBI bought $2.3 billion in March to check rupee rise
15 years ago

Originally posted by Chunnard Singh II:

Why would the Govt. be buying up dollars when its sitting on the biggest $ reserve in history. It should start looking into buying other currencies since the $ is losing so much. The problem gets worse when NRIs remit their dollars here. There is just too much $ in the market. The strong rupee too is really artificially maintained so as to help the poor. Unfortunately its hurting exports big time.

Well that's the curse RBI has to live with. You won't believe they purchase dollars in billions to keep Rupee rates down, they have no other option to keep Rupee with-in limits! If they don't do this exporters, as you told, would be very badly hit and RBI can't afford that. It's only due the buying that Re is around 39, else it probably would have been at 38 levels by now. I've no data, but just a guess.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Manish Hatwalne:
Then why is that US government is allowing free fall of USD? It seems this is what they want - but I am unable to understand the motive behind this?

Someone care to explain this?

Dude, it's very little US can do here. I explained earlier, will attempt to explain again :-

i) Whenever something is in demand- the cost of that thing will rise and if it's not in demand- the cost may fall.

ii) Financial institutions across the world invest money in market from where they could get more returns. If you invest in US saving account the returns are not at all comparable to returns you will get by investing in Indian bank accounts. Indian rate of interest is way too high. So India is a good market, at least better than US for safe investment. Now if you have higher risk appetite, you can compare returns in Indian stock market Vs US stock market. So, India is way way ahead of US in terms of returns.

iii) Just check this link to find amount of foreign money coming into India this year. What does this all mean? Indian currency is in demand right? So Rupee is rising :-) Now people who invested in US are shifting focus to India ... what does this mean? US currency is not in demand, hence dollar is falling.

Now you may wonder why can't US increase interest rates to compete with India, well they just can't. In fact, there is increased pressure to reduce the rate of interest further to fight sub-prime/ housing problems. Hence, any further rate cut in US will result in Rupee getting stronger and dollar getting weaker. On Dec 11' 07, there's high chance of US interest rates being cut further by 25 basis point! So be prepared for further action

Hope this helps.
15 years ago
Few names which I can get from top of my head, are:-

i) Computer Sciences Corporation
ii) Yash Technologies
iii) Impetus
15 years ago

Originally posted by Anoushka Sharma:
I have invested in some MFs via SIP and am running a decent profit on those. Considering the sensex is probably nearing its peak, should I sell and book the profits or should I remain invested?

Stay invested unless you need that money. Bull cycle still looks intact. For every 700-1000 points fall in sensex, you can think of putting more money in market (other than your regular investment) to maximize returns.
15 years ago