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Recent posts by Philippe Ponceblanc

Hello Carey,
  I do not know how to thank you. Thank you for your help online,
have arrived at the end of this part of my classrooms site, like youtube with the vocal translation that I will implement later ..

Last error getConnection, we created a static method but it is not recognized by eclipse.

again for i have do like this, tell me if it's a mistacke?

King regards Carey
this still my code :



getConnection() yet error, I do not understand anymore because the completion write me create a method getConnection,
as if he does not support what have just been done
thanks you carey !

just the last errors, if i chaange set fichier to setFichier all the ligne is on errors !

Carey Brown wrote:Philippe, what do your imports look like?

ihave error on   props.put

The method put(String, String) is undefined for the type Properties

finaly i do like this ;

Carey Brown wrote:Look up the DriverManager class. There are a few getConnection() methods to choose from.

I read your documentation and I am aware that 'getconnection' is already declared in the DaoFactory and my implementation class (VideoDaoImpl) does not take into account Daofoctory, why it does not make the link between the two class java c is DaoFactory and VideoDaoIml; I do not understand why he does not make the link while they are both in the same package?

I'm nothing done in this method, I'm sure there is something to do with hands I do not know!
This is the first time I use "static" methods in JavaEE.

what should you do to return an argument instead of null?

it's not VideoFactory but DaoFactory, this is where I put the parameter statement for connection with MySql!

here is the complete code of DaoFactory, I repeat myself! lol

in the beans package i have do like this:

and now, i have yet 500 error !


I still have trouble decrypting 500 errors
i have add the methode in

now I have a 500 error:

in line 62 i have this code ;

in the servlet ligne 47 :

1 week ago
in VideoFactory i have add an static methode, like this :

in VideoDaoImpl ihave do like you says me; it's works !

i have juste one error on VideoDaoImpl

1 week ago
hello Paul Clapham,
Your error messages are all about the Video class and you have not released the code for this class. Once again we have to guess.

>> Now you have the video class, and I wonder why it takes static methods?

The error messages indicate that there are no static methods in the Video class that have these names. So we do not have to guess about it.
>> yes you understand!

But the names you used are normally used for example methods, so we might guess that you did that.
>> I am inspired by the model DAO of my course that I am!

And if you did, and you expected them to be used in this code,

>> here I do not understand I just want to know:
>> 1 / the path and file name to load the right video!
>> 2 / I do not understand this sentence?
well ... someone has already posted that you call them on the video of the class and not on the variable video.
>> I do not mix the class and variabbles I'm not so stupid

By the way, these setter methods: in the standard JavaBean style, you would call them setFile and not setfile, and so on.

>> here I understand that I made annotation errors!

DAO> now that I've been writing for a long time that you have to create an interface, then declare the methods and finally implement the methods it's like in C ++.

but it's not so obvious that it may seem

how do you also say that a CAD design pattern is not easy to set up

and especially a piece of code and often more understanding than to speak is like drawing a picture to explain

so explain me please
1 week ago
this the video class with setter and getter

VideoDao all code

2 weeks ago
i anderstand !

Creates a Statement object for sending SQL statements to the database. SQL statements without parameters are normally executed using Statement objects. If the same SQL statement is executed many times, it may be more efficient to use a PreparedStatement object.

Result sets created using the returned Statement object will by default be type TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY and have a concurrency level of CONCUR_READ_ONLY. The holdability of the created result sets can be determined by calling getHoldability.

a new default Statement object
SQLException - if a database access error occurs or this method is called on a closed connection

The method setfichier(String) is undefined for the type Video

The method add(Video) is undefined for the type Video

2 weeks ago