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Recent posts by mert ozkaya

Dear All,

We have recently released a survey on understanding the challenges that practitioners face with about software modeling and the particular problems that practitioners wish the researchers in academia to deal with.

The survey is accessible via the link:

The survey takes 2-7 minutes at most, and your contribution to the survey is extremely valuable and highly needed. Can you please support our research by filling in the survey and forwarding the survey to any of your stakeholders whom you think may wish to participate in the survey ?

The survey results will be made available online and published as a scientific journal/conference paper.
1 month ago

Sorry for the cross posting - will delete the other.

I think that I have resolved the problem. The default port is 3307- not 3306. When I have made the regarding change, it seems that I got the code working.

Hi All,

I am very new to JDBC programming.
I am using Mac OS X and trying get the following code run. I have already installed mysql into my machine. However, when I compiled and run the code, I got the error that I have given below the code. Can you please help me on finding out the reason for this error?

Code is :