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Recent posts by jerry hion

Please help me guys, I've been trying to understand this for months........

I have apache httpd and I have tomcat

Now my internet service provider has blocked my port 80, I figured that out today. So I have apache httpd listening on port 8080 and tomcat listens onto port 8090.

now I can access my apps like this localhost:8080/myapp just fine, because I put in a proxy that is sending this to the localhost:8090/myapp via the proxy module that came with it.

I've been playing around with different settings. Some I understand and some I don't..........

But what I don't understand is when I go into godaddy to mask the ports, I put mydomain/myapp but my app is acting weird. Why does it completely not work in internet explorer and it only lets me log in in firefox. But with both browsers again I get no pictures from the app. It's not like that when accessing it the localhost:8090/myapp way.

What I want is for somebody to help me understand exactly what is catalina, hosts and contexts paramaters from tomcat?

What should I use proxy pass? mod rewrite or mod_jk?

What are the for?

why tomcat isn't passing the right information back to apache?

because I want my users to see not www.myip:8090/myapp

why does it still have another ip in cmd command ping

should I change the dns record to point to my ip? but dns can only handle ip and not the ports, or do i just forward only and mask the ip with the ports?........

So any ideas for me guys?
5 years ago