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Recent posts by Vladimir Chapelev

Hello, can anybody point me to some Opensource project, that utilizes Spring Reactive Stack? (Webflux, Netty, etc.)
I have experience in both commercial and opensource development.
Message me here, or contact me via email nightcapybara@gmail.com
Thanks in advance!
1 year ago
You mean the domain i'm interested in, or the tech stack?
As for the domain, i don't know for sure, but it could be eCommerce, or some web tool, i guess, the tech stack i'm looking for is kind of this: Spring Core, WS, MVC, Security, (maybe Boot),  Hibernate with some noSQL db, well, you know, the hipster variant ). Maybe some social app, if you could give me a list of some alive projects, not too old, i would respond in a more clear way.
2 years ago
Hello guys! I'm a Java Developer with ~6 month exp. in Spring and Hibernate, i'm certified in JPA, SCWD, OCJP7, OCA7 (naturally ).
I'm seeking for alive or new open source projects to improve my skills.
I can contribute ~8-10 hours a week.
Can anyone point me to something like this, everything i've found so far seems to be dead for quite a while. It would be ideal if the project is new, or not too old and large.
2 years ago
Was it second edition Head First Servlets and JSP?
Thank you for your detailed response!
3 years ago
Thank you for your product guys, it makes the whole learning process a lot more comprehensive.
Hello guys, I recently discovered Clojure and began to study it, do you know any good books on Clojure, and online courses?
Also, from what i understand Clojure is, so called, "modern Lisp". But what are the key differences between CL and Clojure?
Is CL to old for using it in a modern enviroment or smth.? Or you can implement something, with Clojure, that you can't with CL?
3 years ago
Ok, so i passed this exam today, 86% score.
I can say, that EPractize mock tests for 1z0-898 are FULL of mistakes, and definitly are NOT worth to buy.
Enthuware is good, but i think the should pay more attention to Criteria questions. They are correct, but i think, their number must be increased.
Hi guys, i recently passed my OCA and OCP exams, and now preparing for JPA.
So I've read a lot of negative feedback here about these mock exams, EPractize labs, but i want to ask, did they got any better?
The reason I'm asking this, is that there is not much alternative for JPA mock exams, becides Enthuware (which is great, i used them to prepare for the previous two exams).
So are they worth buying now?
And if there are other mock tests, could you write, where they are?