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Recent posts by rodreck matava

Thank you guys for your contributions, Thank you  Tim Cooke for the documentation link, it gave me more info. Thank you Tim Moores for the hint it helped me, and Thank Campbell Ritchie for the spacing advice will keep that in mind, The code compiled...
3 months ago
Good day guys,

I have just started reading a book by Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Richard Warburton called Real-World Software Development - A Project-Driven Guide to Fundamentals in Java,

I tried to compile the first project in the book coded as below:

But I am get the following compile error messages: error: incompatible types: Path cannot be converted to Paths
           final     Paths    path           =        Paths.get(RESOURCES    +    args[0]); error: incompatible types: Path cannot be converted to Paths
           final     List<String>     lines         =         Files.readAllLines(path);

Note: Some messages have been simplified; recompile with -Xdiags:verbose to get full output.
2 errors

what could be wrong here or I am doing something wrong?
3 months ago
It is just an exercise. Thank you for the added info...
3 months ago

Thank you Stephan for your reply.

I am going to apply your suggestion to the code.

Thank you.
3 months ago
Good day friends,

I am busy learning login form, but I am facing a compiling issue.

Below is the full code and the error message I am getting. warning: [deprecation] getText() in JPasswordField has been deprecated
    String password = password_text.getText();

I need help to get this error fixed.
3 months ago
Thank you Ritchie, I would to believe that there is no such notice yet...
Good day everyone...I have been preparing myself for OCA 8 exam. Almost ready to write the OCA 8 exam. My question is : does anyone here knows when the OCP 8 exam ends? I would like to prepare for it also.
Okay the list below is the warnings I got: warning : [deprecation] getHours() in Date has been deprecated
currentHour = myDate.getHours();
^ warning : [deprecation] getMinutes() in Date has been deprecated
currentMinute = myDate.getMunites();
^ warning : [deprecation] getSeconds() in Date has been deprecated
currentSecond = myDate.getSeconds();
3 warnings

4 years ago
After I recompile with javac -Xlint:deprecation I got three warnings...Jeanne,Thank you, now I need to solve the problem.
4 years ago
Thank you for your response Jeanne, let me recompile right away...I will be writing to you regarding the the way you said there is a newer way of writing this code?...
4 years ago
Thank you Henry for your interest in my question...I am new to java programing I do not know how to recompile with Xlint? However did you look at the code? if yes, is there any obvious errors that you are detecting?...I will be glad to hear from you again...
4 years ago
This afternoon was busy doing a practical approach on the code below, after finished everything I tried to compile it, but the code could not compiled and got a message from the compiler saying:
Recompile with -Xlint: deprecation for details. Now I am stuck...please may you check this code out, need help. The code is suppose to create a digital clock...

4 years ago
Hi, Guys I need a lot of questions to be ready for my OCPJP exam in the future...any suggestion where I get them?...I am looking for questions that resembles the ones in the exam
Thank you Jeanne for your insights, i have decided to use the K&B 6, most of the guys here has recommended it...