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Emilio De Torres

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Recent posts by Emilio De Torres


I prepared myself for the OCAJP8 reading your book and it was straightforward, thanks! I hope it will be the same with this new one.

Will I have access to the pdf version of the book if I buy the paperback one? I prefer to study with a physical book but having the digital version is very useful as I can read it as well when commuting.

Good luck
Thanks for both answers.

Which book with good exercises do you recommend me ? I have read about Head First Java and Thinking in Java.
Hi everyone!

I'm a C++ developer with four years of commercial experience willing to learn Java. I was wondering if preparing the OCAJP with a study guide would be a good way for learning Java. I have good knowledge of OOP principles and Java syntax is not very different from C++ one so I guess that should make learning easier.

I would appreciate any piece of advice.

Thank you so much.