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Recent posts by Santosh.Sujit Mohanty

Shaikh Nizamuddin wrote:First of all I am feeling very proud that my Indian brothers are contributing the world with more knowledge as we always do . I heartily congratulate Ganesh, Hari and Tushar on your new book.
I am currently preparing for OCP 8 from "OCPJP 8 study guide" by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff. I would indeed like to read your book before going ahead with my exam Jai Hind !

Which OCAJP and OCPJP 8 study guide are you finding to be good.
Kathy Siera Book is not available for 1.8, which one to follow?

S G Ganesh wrote:I saw an update from Oracle here.

New Production Exams: Java SE 8 Programmer II
Exam Release Date: August 15, 2015

On exam details, check here.

Duration: 150 minutes
Number of Questions: 85
Passing Score: 65%

In India, it costs Rs 9604 to take this exam.

However this is not the official book for 1.8, so I am really worried.

S G Ganesh wrote:Hi Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim,

Can i rely on it for the OCA exam or the book focus only on the topics related to the OCP java 8 exam?

Our book is meant only for OCP Java SE 8 exam preparation. It is not meant for OCA Java SE 8 exam preparation. There are some excellent books on OCA8 exam and you could read those books to prepare for the OCA8 exam.

All the very best for your OCA/OCP exam!

Sanjay Singh wrote:Hi Ranchers,
Today I cleared the OCEWCD6 exam with 92%.
The feeling after clearing the exam is worth the effort.
Thanks to all rancher here. It is the good place to get the info about Books, exam simulator and getting your question answered. Also reading other's questions and their answers helps a lot.
I would like to share my experience for the preparation:

  • I spent almost 3 months for studying, practicing and attempting a lot of exam simulators. On working days 1-2 hours a day and on weekend 4-5 hours a day. This includes complete break for almost 15 days due to vacation travel.
  • I started with Head First Servlet, 2nd edition book. Practiced for most of the topics and attempted the question at the end of each chapters with on an average of 70-80%. This book covers most of the exam objectives, though not enough for EE6.
  • Read the Servlet/JSP/EL/JSTL specs to cover the new topics, specially Annotation & Pluggability, Asynchronous, Security ect. I read these new topics 2-3 times to get comfortable.
  • Examulator: Lot of questions from SCWCD.
  • Niko's Free SCWCD Mock Exam was very useful to test on basic concepts.
  • Piotr free exam simulator for Java EE6 new topics is must have. Don't forget to attempt these question before appearing for exam. Thank Piotr for making such a good collection of questions. They are just awesome.
  • Bipin's free mock exam for SCWCD. Missed the URL for his page.
  • Enthuware mock exams helps a lot to make me ready for the exam. This is worth every penny you pay. Their support team is very prompt to answer your any question. My all questions had been answered just in a day and till now I didn’t find any single question which I can say is given wrong. I suggest to buy this, if you plan, at least before 15 days (sooner the better) of your exam so that you get enough time to attempt all test sets. It has 10 sets. One set is good for a day, assuming working day, as it takes more time to go through the questions after than attempting it.

  • Enthuware mock exam results:
    Test 1- 63%
    Test 2- 77%
    Test 3- 88%
    Test 4- 79%
    Test 5- 88%
    Test 6- 82%
    Test 7- 79%
    Test 8- 72%
    Test 9- 75%
    Final Test -78%
    Average: 78%

    Head first servlet final exam score: 58%. This scared me first but then somehow I consoled my mind that everything will be okay in final exam.
    Note: There are couple of questions having error. So please refer the errata to avoid any frustration, if you get low score.

    Read the new topics (Annotation, Asynchronous, Security) carefully from specs. Do review the questions once finished before submitting, as I found few questions which I had selected initially wrong.
    Next OCEWSD6.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Sanjay Singh

    How many hours you prepared for this certification?
    2 years ago
    So you people are saying that working in consultancies in USA is not good for indian h1 b holder?
    2 years ago

    Prajwal Shetty wrote:Hi Ranchers,

    I cleared OCPJBCD 5 Certification with 98% yesterday

    It took me almost 4 months to be fully prepared.

    Special thanks to Enthuware for such a full proof exam simulator and also to Mikalai Zaikin for his SCBCD 5.0 Study Guide.

    I would like to mention all the references i used for studying in order to help anyone preparing for OCPJBCD 5.
    1) EJB 3 in Action by Debu Panda -> This is the best book to study if you are learning EJB From scratch.
    2) Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 5th Edition -> This contains more coding examples which will be pretty useful in understanding the actual features EJB has to offer.
    3) EJB 3 Specification ( core + persistence + simplified)
    4) Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD 5.0 Study Guide -> A very useful study guide to clear your concepts.
    5) Enthuware EJB+ V5 -> Keep solving the questions in the simulator and you will enjoy studying The simulator not only has explanation for why the answer is wrong but also for why it is correct.
    The tests are properly set up so that you can determine which sections you need to focus on. For more information visit enthuware website

    Do Refer the SCBCD Links page for more study material and information about the exam.

    Wish You Good Luck For Your Cetifications

    Best Regards,

    How many hours you prepared for this certification?
    2 years ago