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Daniel valdez wrote:Thanks finally found the problem thanks for the help. And since I'm taking a course I'll be asking for more help in the future so in advance thanks

Good luck 😊
4 years ago
Daniel, see how you called this method?:

input = console.nextDouble();
As you can see, you didn't need to declare or define the method .nextDouble(). Because some nerds have already written the details of this method in a class called console. Your code imported this class.

But maybe you have a different idea for getting the next double, so you define your own method, like this:

now, you want to use your method. But how would you tell the system which method you want to use? The one you made?(Which belongs to the decimalRound class) Or the one you imported?(Which belongs to the console class)

Here is the rule, if the method belongs to an external class, then you would:
-call the method directly off the class, because the method is static.Like the case of

-if the method was not defined as static, you would create an object and call the method off the object.(The method has to be defined as public so that you can use it) ex:

If the method belongs to the class you made, in this case, roundDecimal, you would just call it anywhere in your code. No dot operators or anything:

Now look at this line in your code:

the method round is not defined in your class, so that means that you either define it, or just import an external class that was written by some nerds which would contain the implementation of the round method.
That class exists, and is called Math, so

let me ask you a question, can you fill in these spaces?:

4 years ago
Thanks for sharing your ideas! =)
4 years ago
I've been going through a php course for a few days but I'm starting to worry if this is the right thing to learn.
I saw a tutorial where a guy made a login app, that uses some php script that was uploaded on a mysql server. The app connects to the server with the help of volley and it all works fine, but is this the official way of doing things?
I want to enable my app to connect to a server and download pdf files, music files, videos, in addition to text.
Should I continue with the php course, or is there a way to connect to a server using just java? Maybe there is some sort of library?
4 years ago
I will try your idea. Hopefully it will look as expected. Thank you for the suggestion 😃
4 years ago
@Karthik Shiraly yes but this way it wouldn't have all the glow and shadow effects. It would look like a flat ui
4 years ago
I like the idea behind material design, but thought about coming up with something similar. I wanted to see how my idea would look like, and modeled it with cinema 4d:

Do I have to use open gl or something similar to make my apps look like this? I'm still relatively new to android and never dealt with any thing to do with 3d.
How would you guys tackle this problem?
4 years ago
Perfectly working projects are sometimes marked as having errors, even though I've made no changes. It goes away when I clean the project, but why does it happen in the first place?
It even sometimes adds quotation and /> marks on it's own and completely random places!
Why does this happen? Did I set up eclipse incorrectly?

Shiva Mohan wrote:Thanks for the reply. My installed java version in c drive as
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_11

but in the command prompt when I issued
java -version it says
java version 1.8.0_71.

may be I upgraded it. I have fixed it and now everything works well. Thanks again for the help!

ok cool. Have fun coding!
Go check your JDK. perhaps you changed the directory or erased the one that eclipse used?
That's some nice work bro.
I like the second one
4 years ago
I think it would be cool to have chat rooms like the fellas at stack exchange. What do you guys think?
4 years ago

Your program needs to check if the string contains an integer.
One way to do it is by trying to parse the string to an int. If this fails, it means that what ever was entered was not a number.
so you should add this:

By the way, good code should be easily readable by other programmers. atbilde and sc are not very clear. Try changing them.

Good luck!
4 years ago