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Recent posts by Jacky Stark

Hi guys,

I am web developer, mostly trained on Java and JavaScript, I am eagerly looking forward for my career in big data. I am getting quite more confused between big data and data science.
Basically I know that big data concentrates on running complex queries on structured data where as data science is complex analysis of unstructured data(please correct me if I am wrong) and I am a kind of person who loves programming on real data(mostly Java, I just love that) , so guys can you people please clear my view about the topics and please guide me which one will be better for me.

Thanks in advance.
6 years ago
Hi guys, last Saturday I passes OCPJP 8 with 68% passing percentile.

I have had a pretty hard time getting through this with all other stuff going through, it might be a low score but I was expecting even low when I submitted the exam.

My enthuware test bank scores are,
Foundation - 65
Test 1 - 56
Test 2 - 65
Test 3 - 64
Test 4 - 64
Test 5 - 64
Last day unique - 65

So as you people can see I was consistent to 65 through the series, but the main thing is with those test materials I learnt a lot, got strong with all kind of basics , now I can put my skills into production to different areas.

I will be looking forward for your support for the same.
7 years ago
That's a comforting info Jeanne, I should concentrate more on executor service...
Yes totally agreed with the point that I was trying to avoid questions on threads.

OCP guide mainly covers creation and manipulation of threads with executor service rather than run() and start() methods with only runnable interface. But the question bank has around 4-5 questions on executor service and 15-20 on threads with only runnable interfaces along with locks. But locks are fine, it provides more learning opportunity, as far as threads are concerned, an experienced programmer will find it a cake walk to migrate from threads to executor service where as for a novice programmer like me both are equal and new and most cases one contradicts the other.

As far as design patterns are concerned, OCP guide clearly mentions that both Singleton and Immutable patterns are very important but till now out of 5 standard tests I have found only one question that to on singleton pattern with this I can't ignore design patterns and I can't completely concentrate on threads more than executor service, but as you said I have to work more on mix-match questions.
Hi Jeanne and Scott,

The questions regarding threads in enthuware test banks are mesmerizing because of which I am forgetting/getting confused with actual key concepts. This is happening when their is a mismatch of threads and lamba. Because of which I am losing standard tests by one or two marks. It is margin and it hurts a lot. Plus their is no question at all regarding design pattern. Which is a matter of worrying. Please tell me whether or not I should take threads seriously. Their is not much regarding threads in OCP guide too and enthuware is completely on threads and threads only... Please guide me...
That helped, thanks a lot Ankit Garg

Here is a sample code of storing and retrieving data through buffers. I wanted to print the contents of the byte array which is being used to store the data. The simply gives the object rather than the actual data. How to retrieve data from the byte array. Of course, if I use BufferedReader class which allows me to use the list itself to act as the buffer, I can easily retrieve data from it, but how to retrieve data through byte array?

Plus the test bank focuses more on chapters 1,4,7 not more questions for rest of the chapters. That's also eating my brain...
Well main focus is to become knowledgeable, to become a good programmer. But since few days left and I have to handle both job and studies in parallel.
Till now I haven't left them but they are time consuming and I don't understand what to do...
Just 10 days left for the exam, I have started taking enthuware samples , the test bank mainly focuses on threads, computeIfPresent and Absent respectively, in short most of the things which has been mentioned in the OCP guide as "not included for the exam". Those things are really taking me on my nerve while giving the sample test.
Simple question is should I skip them or continue with them?
Andrea, you mean to say that instead of IDE I should try to execute the code using conventional methods?...

The above piece of code waits for me to enter something in the console. But the following code:-

does not wait at all throws a null pointer as soon as I run.
I am using eclipse and Intellij to simulate the same. Behavior in both the IDE's are same.
yeah in enthuware only
Paul, in sybex test bank?