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Recent posts by Javid Azimli

This "int[] vars4 [], space [][]; // a 2D AND a 3D array" should be replaced with "int[] vars4 [], space [][][]; // a 2D AND a 3D array".There're missing brackets while declaring 3D array.

Charles O'Leary wrote:Javid,
A lot of folks (like myself), including many folks that achieved on the Certification Results forum, don't want to "waste time" on external material (... "Cliff Notes" please).  That was the sole reason that I (and maybe others) purchased the "Study Guide".  

I imagine that a lot goes into authoring and making decisions about what is and/or what isn't relevant to the exact specifics for a particular book (or chapter or section or paragraph or sentence or fragment of code).

As you alluded, the API is always (freely) available.  I imagine that the publishers may need to charge us more for more pages if they have to write/include/mention everything that we all individually want to satisfy us all.          

I understand, but it is not fair to introduce signature of the method of the API in changed form.

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:We actually did that on purpose. Since "CharSequence" isn't on the exam and the exam doesn't test passing a StringBuilder there, we provide a "simplified API."

In my opinion, you should have illustrated real API and shoulda given some additional information about CharSequence.It may confuse readers that isn't real one and doesn't contain actual signature.
Method signature on the "boolean contains(String str)" should be replaced with "boolean contains(CharSequence s)"

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:We chose to highlight boolean and long there because more people think those should be supported. (since there are a finite number of values). But yes, we could have explicitly repeated double and float.

Yeap, I think it'd better to mention float and double explicitly together with boolean and long for clarity.Beginners may misunderstand.Thanks for reply.
I think there are other 2 data types(double and float) and their wrappers that aren't supported by switch statement.

We should add them the sentence at page 73 as below:
"For the exam, we recommend you memorize this list. Note that float, double, boolean, long, and
their associated wrapper classes, are not supported by switch statements."

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:

Javid Azimli wrote:My name wasn't mentioned as reporter in errata list.It's empty.

Fixed. I hand edit the HTML On the page because wordpress table editing "leaves something to be desired". I had entered both the URL of this thread and your name in that cell. I must have had a misplaced HTML tag which it cleaned up on save.

İ understood.Thanks.
Hi.On page 239.İn the "Finding a Time Zone" frame.At the end tab.
"Try the country name or city name. Or you can print
everything and look though that."

it should be as below

"Try the country name or city name. Or you can print
everything and look through that"
at the page 53 section "Defining a Functional Interface"
in the frame with headline "Applying the @FunctionalInterface Annotation"

Conversely, if a class marked with the @FunctionalInterface
annotation contains more than one abstract method, or no abstract methods at all, then
the compiler will detect this error and not compile.

should be  if a interface marked with the @FunctionalInterface

Mushfiq Mammadov wrote:Congrats

Thanks a lot, bro
2 years ago
Hi guys.

My OCEJWCD6 preparation took 6 month with mock exams.First off, I prepared with Head First Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition book.It wasn't enough for my preparation because there are no annotations and other new features added in Servlet 3.0.It completed 70 percent of my preparation.But I needed another study resource for upgrading Servlet 2.4 knowledge to Servlet 3.0.In order for upgrading my knowledge to that I studied from Servlet 3.0 spec.But there are no essential need to study from JSP 2.2 spec because HFS book was enough for the JSP component of OCEJWCD6 exam even though the exam required JSP 2.2.Because there aren't any essentially change between JSP 2.0 to JSP 2.2.And at the same time I was peeking Servlet API from Oracle Java EE6 doc.I did Enthuware's objective-wise test after I ended each section while preparing.And in end of the preparation I did 10 standard mock exams.And I after each object-wise or mock exam test I reviewed all questions one by one including correct and incorrect answers, and got into details of each of ones.My pass score was between range from 75% to 79% on mock exams.And after my final mock exam(after 6 month) I took the real OCEJWCD6 exam(1z0-899) and result was 82% although I wanted to get score over 90 percent, but I didn't able to. ;)

The preparation materials for OCEJWCD6 while preparing, below:
Head First Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition(I read this book 2 times)
Servlet 3.0 spec
Enthuware OCEJWCD6(1z0-899) mock exams

NOTE: It's important to create labaratory projects while preparing in order for understanding concepts.Without it you can't pass the exam.
2 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Not sure why you posted this here. We are not he keepers of the Servlet Specification.

Because of keeping aware of developers who are reading Servlet specification
3 years ago