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Uwe Lindenberg

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Recent posts by Uwe Lindenberg

Wiremock is a fantastic tool to simulate a REST-Api. I have tried many examples and they work quite well. But I have a problem while simulating a multipart-post-service. As far as I have understood it correctly this would be the way to configure the stup:

I don't want to consider any specifactions of the multipart-request-body, so I think there is no need to use withMultipartRequestBody.But when I post the data I get the following error: Buffer size exceeded: no line terminator at org.eclipse.jetty.util.ReadLineInputStream.readLine(
at org.eclipse.jetty.util.MultiPartInputStreamParser$
at org.eclipse.jetty.util.MultiPartInputStreamParser.parse(
at org.eclipse.jetty.util.MultiPartInputStreamParser.getParts(
at org.eclipse.jetty.server.Request.getParts(
at org.eclipse.jetty.server.Request.getParts(
at com.github.tomakehurst.wiremock.servlet.WireMockHttpServletRequestAdapter.safelyGetRequestParts(

How can I solve the problem and why Wiremock starts parsing the http-body?

Thanks in advance.

2 years ago
Hi, Gices a good overview about the topic.


4 years ago
Oh sorry. It is not a realm class, but a part of the web servers configurations file.  I will post the snippet for Wildfly soon
4 years ago
Hi Bala,

Did you read this article:

I think writing your own realm-class is a good idea.

Best regards,

4 years ago
Hi Hans,

did you visit the certification area here, e. g.

There is some good material.

If your new member is able to read german i could email my summary.

Best regards,

4 years ago
Hi Frits,

yes, indeed  

And to choose the next exam. But which one? I tried the JSF one, but failed. There is no Enthuware test  

What a pity.

Well perhaps it is time to get some practical experience.

4 years ago
Hi Frits,

thank you for the cow. I am glad.

Best regards,

4 years ago
Hello together,

today I have passed the Web Service Developer Certified Expert Exam with 80%.

First of all, I have to thank Frits Walraven, the biggest hero ever !!!

I started my preparation in October 2016. I had no specific knowledge about web services, but I am firm in EJBs and JPA.

Now here is the way of my preparation:
- Java Web Service, Up and Running by Martin Kalin in first and second edition: This was my first contact with the topic. First I read the second edition and after that I focused on the first edition. I could not say which is to prefer. The book(s) was/were recommended here at coderanch. It is a good way to get in contact with web services, but don't cover all the things you have to know.
- Enthuware Test by Frits Walraven, JWS+ V6 For 1Z0-897: This is a MUST-HAVE during the preparation. Please let me explain why: While preparing for the exam there is so much stuff to read and googling offers overwhelming results. How to decide what is important, what is not important? What is right and what is wrong? The Enthuware tests show me the important things. Furthermore there is a good explanation for each question. And reading the explanation is necessary. If you don't understand some explanations, use the discuss-link in the test or contact Frits. He answers immediately and professionally.
- Coding, coding, coding: Do not only read the stuff. Try to run snippets, try to use it with an endpoint publisher and also use an application server (e.g. Wilfly). Try to write a snippet for every annotation and examine the wsdl. Compare different wsdls with a file comparing tool the see the difference between a first and a second annotation. Use TCP-Mon to examine the http traffic. Watch the application sever log.
- OCEJWSD 6 study notes - Mikalai Zaikin
- Jersey API (
- The WSITTutorial (
- The Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS)
- Java™ API for RESTful Web Services

Here a report concerning the exam:
- It was a rather difficult exam. Much harder than the EJB or the JPA ones, which I passed both with more then 93%. During the exam today I thought, I would fail, but I kept on fighting :-).
- It is good to have knowledge concerning EJBs (Stateless session and Singleton bean, Transaction and security annotations).
- The question were sometimes theoretical, so it is a good choice to read the explanation by Frits in the Enthuware Test.
- Perhaps the occurrence might be a different one in your exam, but this was the occurrence in my exam: Apply best practices to design and implement web services: 12 questions / Configure message level security for SOAP web service: 7 questions / Configure, secure, and deploy JavaEE Web Services: 5 questions /Create a RESTful web service: 4 questions / Create a RESTful web service implemented by an EJB componoent: 3 questions / Create a SOAP based web service implemented by an EJB component: 4 questions / Create a SOAP web service: 5 questions / Create a web service client for a web service: 5 questions / Create low-level SOAP web services: 5 questions / Use MTOM and MIME in a SOAP web service: 3 questions
- If you don't know the correct answer for a question, try to eliminate the wrong answers.

And last but not least, I don't want to miss to thank Victor Skvorzkoff for discussing via email.

Best regards and thank you,

Hi Frits,

thanks für the Enthuware test with the topic WebServices.

I got some questions concerning some answers.

Is it allowed to post it here? I would post some snippets from the test. My proxy (which is not changeable) does not allow discussing it at the Enthuware-forum.

Best regards and thanks in advance,


perhaps you can choose a LogicalHandler instead of SOAPHandler?

Best regards

5 years ago
Hi Victor Skvorzkoff,

you are preparing to pass Java EE 6 Web Services Developer Certified Expert (1Z0-897)?

I also want to pass it and I am preparing for it.  Have you already taken the test?

Are you interested in learning together (discussing via email etc.) ?

Best regards,

5 years ago

I have got a question concerning WebService Adressing. Without WS-Adressing we do it this way:

If we want to use it in a client we do it this way:

This is what I understand. After annotating @Addressing in GeU_SIB_01_WSA and changing the client to
GeU_SEI_01_WSA geU_SEI_01_WSA = service.getPort(GeU_SEI_01_WSA.class, new AddressingFeature(true));
the SOAPMessages and the wsdl have changed. MessageID, RelatesTo, ReplyTo, FaultTo etc. are included. The client can be used as well. This is what I understand also.

The question now is:
What is an example (a concrete code snippet), where this things a really needed. When googling I only find theoretical aspects, but no code snippet.
Something like: client calls webservice in request, webservice executes a while and then something magic reacts to the webservices response.

Thanks in advance,


5 years ago
Hi Ibne Masood,

congratulation for passing. Very good. Perfect.

Well, I am still prepering and it will take a while :-)

Do you have some documents? Perhaps same sample code that goes deeper?

This would be great!

Best regards and thanks in advance,

Hello Ibne Masood,

I am also preparing for the 1Z0-897 exam.

Perhaps we can learn together and discuss our problems?

Are you interested in?

Best regards,


Thank you very much for the cow, Frits.

And I am sure, that Himai is right. With an Enthuware's JSF mock exam I would never fail. Enthuware stuff is a  guaranty  !!!

I appreciate it.