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Recent posts by Igor Makarov

prathap venkata naga yelugula wrote:Hi Igor,

Is the WhizLabs latest suite consists 7 mock exams?

Naga Prathap.

Yes. There are 7 tests.
They added two new tests but the quality of these new tests is poor. I think that they were created by another author compared to other 5 tests.
But anyway WhizLabs was very useful during the preparation. And as said before the Last day of Final test was close to the real exam.

AnkitKumar Singh wrote:Hi Igor,

Cons – Couldn’t start custom test due to some technical reason. Only 5 mock tests.

Complete Story -

They extended number of tests up to 7.

AnkitKumar Singh wrote:Hi Raghavendra,

If you are still preparing then go for Whizlabs which is better than EPractice Labs.


Hi Ankit could you please share you thoughts why Whizlabs is better? Does it closer to the real exam?
Oracle releases errata for that book.
There was just a mistake with correct answer.

The correct answers are: A, D, E
Hi Vitaliy.

The new design looks perfect.

As I can see you've got OCPJP 8 and you mentioned that you also have OCPJP7.
Did you pass Upgrade exam from 7 to 8 or complete course OCAJP8 -> OCPJP8 ?

Thank you.
Hi Alexander.
Could you please share your cert path experience JPA, EJB, WS?
What was the order of the exams?
Do you think it's important or necessary to take WSD exam after JPA, EJB or it can be skipped if I plan to take in future Architect exam?
What required Oracle study coarse for getting Architect cert have you decided to take?

I passed JPAD with 86%.
I can confirm that Enthuware is very useful. It's really very close to the real exam questions.
Hi guys.
Some time ago I was investigating this question also.

The conclusion is (14.3.1 of EJB Sepcification):
If you're using EJB 3.x approach the EJBTransactionRolledBackException for both Local and Remote beans.
If you're using EJB 2.1 then exception depends on if it's Local (EJBTransactionRolledBackException) or Remote (javax.transaction.TransactionRolledbackException) bean.