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Recent posts by John Losty

The one I pasted above.
1 week ago
I the begging of this thread I didn't completely understand this operator towards the end I found a page on the internet that expains it well.
2 weeks ago
I was looking for this part and I don't think it is uncorrect?
2 weeks ago
and if long is used in arithmetic operation it is not converted to int?
2 weeks ago
Aha why doesn't this compile?
2 weeks ago
Aha so the rule if you make a compiler cast it to lower type you get compilation error.
2 weeks ago
Aha so the rule is that in case you need to cast to lower type you get compilation error?
2 weeks ago
yes but here is 1st the conversation from long to int. Inside the arithmetic expresion?
2 weeks ago
I have problem understanding this piece of code in Java

In my opinion the code above shoulnd't compile but it does.
It shouldn't compile because in line 2 there is an implicit conversation from long to int which shouldn't be allowed by compiler ??
2 weeks ago
If I decided for OCA 808 certification for Java 8 would I need to attend some (online) classes or do you just need to pay for exam?
What if you don't pass the exam?
I would like to get Java certification but I don't know which certificate is best to complete? Do you have any suggestions? Are there different companies offering these certificates?
I think I would like to have JAVA SE certification or maybe JAVA EE.
Where should I start, should I attend some online classes and what literature(for practice) I need?

I created this progam in MIPS and I don't know why I get the error below?

# Demo
# Filename: LoadImmidiate
        #Load some registers
        li  $t0, 0x0        #Load Immediate
        li  $t1, 0x1        #Load Immediate
        #Exit the program
        li  $v0, 10

Memory and registers cleared

SPIM Version 9.1.18 of January 3, 2017
Copyright 1990-2017 by James Larus.
All Rights Reserved.
SPIM is distributed under a BSD license.
See the file README for a full copyright notice.
QtSPIM is linked to the Qt library, which is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 and version 2.1.
Exception occurred at PC=0x00000000
  Bad address in text read: 0x00000000
Attempt to execute non-instruction at 0x80000180

6 months ago
I allready switched to MariaDB.
I installed MySQL(server, workbench...)
I tried to change my root password with [code=sql]mysqladmin -u root password "new_password";[/sql]
but I got an error.

After that I was able to login to the server with the password I set up with previous command
but was unable to run any other commands as you can see on the picture. How can I fix this?
9 months ago