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Recent posts by H Yin

Himai Minh wrote:Hi, Yin, Congratulations.
By the way, did you see any EL questions? Someone wrote that he/she did not get any EL questions.
Any questions related to J2EE design patterns, like business delegate, service locator, transfer object ?
Any question related to custom tag?

There are a lot of questions on EL.
I did not see any questions on J2EE patterns.
I did not see anything related to custom tags, but a lot of questions on how to deploy tag libraries and how to use tags.
There are questions on Web fragments, Asynchronous Processing, Web Security. Euthuware has enough questions on those.
Most of the questions ask just one answer. May be 10-20 questions ask for multiple answers.
I just passed this test today with 82%. I am happy because I was not expecting any higher grade. I followed the advice from this board, read the Head First Servlets book, used StackFlow references, used the Enthuware Mock Tests. I tried to read through the Servlet Spec but was not able to finish it.
So I was not well prepared in topics like Web Fragments, Asynchrolized Processing, Web Security. I even did not finish all of the Enthuware mock tests. But Enthuware gave me confidence. Thanks all.
I wanted to get to my next step fast. I am thinking about JSF Certification or EJB certification. My tendency is JSF because it is also web-related. What is your opinion?
Thanks very much. I made the registration through the Pearson Vue site with 20% discount.
At first I was very frustrated because it always brought me back to the Oracle site and the Oracle site does not give me any discount. It also collects extra taxes.
Make sure you register with Pearson Vue then proceed with scheduling because you purchase the voucher.
never mind.
How do I delete a post?
4 years ago
Just curious, because some of the old books do not cover annotations.
In DD or other ways. What is the correct element tag?
4 years ago

A.J. Côté wrote:
A map has key,values pairs. So it seems logical to specifically retrieve the value.

But logically, if you provide a key to a map, would it automatically return the value? Do you need specifically say "value"?
What else would you expect to return? like ${cookie.userName.key}?

Himai Minh wrote:On p.384, it says:

<div class="tipBox">
<b>Tip of the Day:</b> <br/><br/>
<%=pageContent.getCurrentTip() %>

First of all, it should be something like this:

The book assumes that there is a pageContent bean with a property currentTip, although the code for the bean is not given.


But I think this note is not right:

Whatever this evaluates to is treated as standard HTML , so any HTML tags are rendered, not displayed as text.

The html tags in the tip text are intended to show up as tip text. But when it is rendered in a browser, the html tags are not shown. By saying "so any HTML tags are rendered, not displayed as text", it means that the tip text is not shown as it should be if it contains html tags.

I want to take the Oracle Certified JSP/Servlets test, but I wonder if I have to take the Programmer test first. I have the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform in 2001. I noticed that Oracle says "SCJP Professional any version" as requirement. I am baffled by the word 'Professional".
Also I am reading the HF JSP and Servlets now. I have a question about EL with Cookie implicit object. Wouldn't ${cookie.userName} print the value of the cookie named username, since cookie is a Map object anyway. Why do we need the cumbersome syntax ${ cookie.userName.value}?