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Recent posts by John Dorian

How to change icon, which is displayed before forum title on browser tab?
3 years ago
I've found very odd thing.

I downloaded jforum-2.4.1, I installed it, and the error is occur on completely "clean" jforum version!
What is problem? Database, server?

OK, i've checked on HSQLDB and error still occur.

How i force error:
1. Create new account
2. Log out of new account
3. Login form.
4. "lost my password" form
5. put data.
6. ok
7. checking mail
8. recover form
9. ok.
10. login form
11 put data
12. ok
13. error
14. if i back to previous page i'm logged in.

please help...
3 years ago

I have got a problem. From time to time, when i execute regist/login/add new topic/add new post action I get an error:
Page is blank, url looks like: localhost:8080/jforum/%servletContext%/error.html?OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=KIVR-K4QX-N5JC-WUXI-CH7C-9UKW-XDZH-ZTG6, and i get status 400 bad request for error.html?OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=KIVR-K4QX-N5JC-WUXI-CH7C-9UKW-XDZH-ZTG6 file.

Then I restart my web browser and the error is disapear.

Please help me.

3 years ago
Ok i solved my problem.
Manual installation helped.
Thanks guys for help.
3 years ago

I completely don't understand.
Problem occurs when deploying process is run:
If I install JForum and then remove test.deployed file without restart server, and when i refresh page (after create new test.deployed file) page is loading about 5 minuts and error occurs.
If I dont walk through a install process page loads without errors.

Where is the problem?
WildFly configuration, JForum, anything else?

Is any alternative for JForum 2.4.1 which I can use?
3 years ago
What Am I doing wrong?
1. Download JForum.2.4.1.war
2. Change its name on test.war
3. Copy it to a standalone/deployments directory on my server.
4. Waiting for a deployed status.
5. test.war file is deployed.
6. type in browser's url bar: localhost:8080/test
7. Installation form.
8. Installation is completed.
9. It works.
10. Turn off server.
11. Unpack test.war file locally (not in the server)
12. Remove "mapping" lines from web.xml
13. Create new test.war file : jar -cvf test.war * (in unpacked catalog)
14. Copy test.war file to a standalone/deployments directory on my server.
15. Run server
16. Waiting for deployed status
17 test.war file is deployed
18. type in browser's url bar: localhost:8080/test
19 ... and error occurs:

3 years ago

The installation form is displayed even if you access an URL like http://localhost:8080/jforum2/?


You should actually remove the mapping of the InstallServlet after the initial install, so that nobody accidentally accesses it.

How should I do it? In web.xml :

remove these lines :

3 years ago

Why do you think you have to to do that? Installation is a one-time thing that you never need to do again (and should not do again, precisely for the reason that you lose your data).

Every time i restart my WildFly service and run my JForum, installation form is displayed and every time forum is created from scratch.
3 years ago
thank you for reply.

yes I use 2.4.1 version.
I ask about it because, - for example - : when my server will crash and restart will be necassary i'll lose my data in DB, because i'll have to delploy JForum again, so walk through a installation process again. So i I want to do copy of my JForum's DB from time to time and import it to the JForum when it will be necessary. Can i do it?

Other case.

When new version of JForum will be avalible i'll download it, and i'll deploy it on my server. And i'll want to use my old DB, how Will I import it?
3 years ago

I have decided to use the JForum and I have got a big problem. Maybe solution is easy and obvious, but I have no experience with it.
When I want to use JForum i have to download it and deploy on my server. I choose a database, type a password etc. But ... for example, when i want to restart my server I have to walk through installation process again. So I have to create new database, so I lose my data in DB, because JForum creates new, empty DB.
I want to use "old" (not empty) DB when I re-install my JForum. Can I do it?
I've tried export my DB before restart server, and then import it, but it doesn't work. (For example i can't log-in because password isn't correct (hash is changed when I did re-install).
I use Wildfly server and PostgreSql DB.

Please, help me.
3 years ago