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Recent posts by Mikalai Zaikin

Matjaz Jelovcan wrote:HI,

passed 1Z0-810 few days ago. I would not say upgrade is harder than normal. Anyhow, for upgrade exam I only used

Mikalai Zaikin's notes
Enthuware package.

No other book. And of course, I compiled codes that I did not understand completely. Playing with the code helps a lot.


Congratulations Matjaz !

Glad to know my Java 8 notes helped !


Rob Spoor wrote:This was already mentioned in https://coderanch.com/t/689144/Posts-squeezed-left-full-width.

Yes, it was. But my thread reported it 01/04, while other thread on 01/05 (not a big deal though 8-))
1 week ago
JFYI: This is fixed, according to Tim Moores !
1 week ago

Tim Moores wrote:The broken layout in the classic view has now been fixed.

Excellent ! Thanks !
1 week ago

Tim Moores wrote:There should be a link called "Desktop view" at the bottom of the page. Note that the classic view is currently somewhat broken, so the entire page is not displayed correctly.

Thanks, I found the link !

(yes, I noticed the classic view has broken layout sometimes.. bu I still love it, it reminds me *Java*Ranch times..)
2 weeks ago
Allright, after reading the URL when I was switching, and added manually to URL this fragment:


And it reverted back permanently to full view...
2 weeks ago
Hi All:

When playing with forum I clicked out of curiosity to "mobile view".

Now I cannot switch back to traditional view (I'm using old style of the forum).

Perhaps, I need to clean up some cookies, because I don't see a button to "un-mobile"?
2 weeks ago
This is how your 2 subsequent posts look in *mobile* view - they separated, and above there was a screenshot from full view - they not separated.
2 weeks ago
Probably this thread can be closed with "a known bug" status ;-)
2 weeks ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:I see you are using an old look (which is no longer maintained). Don't you want to move to a current, more cozy look?

My Profile -> Site Personalization -> [tick] Use the current view (the new user-interface)

Thanks for suggestion, I use this forum for 15 years and like the old outlook very much, tried several times to move to new one, but eventually returned. I would appreciate if you keep (not maintain, if you don't want to) old layout in future.
2 weeks ago
Seems all edited posts are affected (for old forum template).
See this thread:


New text always on the left.
Not clear who added new text - I believe it's not OP, but who is the author - unclear.

2 weeks ago
Seems this is specific for template which I'm using.
I use old forum template (nothing special with OS - Windows 7 + Chrome).
See how your post looks for me:
2 weeks ago
Hi All:

I noticed some corrupted post layout, since it has mark "edited" I guess some admin edited it and broke the html structure.

Link is here (2nd from bottom):


Screenshot attached
2 weeks ago
Congratulations !

A pass is a pass 8-)

Best regards,
Welcome to the Code Ranch and congratulations !!!
1 month ago