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Recent posts by Mikalai Zaikin

mallireddy thippareddy wrote:I have placed an order for OCP voucher at oracle university for which payment has been made. It's been 4 days my card was debited with the amount but, still I haven't received any confirmation mail or voucher yet. For OCA I received voucher and confirmation in 1 day after placing the order. Did anyone faced this issue?

*Just a guess*, maybe check junk mail folder?

I had some weird delay with Oracle when waited exam results. It took several days (maybe 3) to update certview, while they state exam results are ready in hour or so..

Praveen john wrote:
I have already prepared for the part 1 Exam but i cannot take up the exam without taking up one of the mandatory training provided by Oracle as listed in the below link.

Can you double check?
Maybe policy has changed, but earlier you were allowed to take all 3 parts without training.
Training was needed only for sending a certificate.

[UPDATE] For example, check this 4 years old thread:
A person took all 3 parts and then proceeded to training.

Swapna latha wrote:Hi all, where can I pay and download latest pdf copies of ocp book by Jeanne and ocp book by Kathy Sierra. What are the other books recommended

Amazon sells Kindle edition, but it's not PDF. (Also, read some feedbacks about broken formatting for Kindle edition, as it does text re-flow which not always perfect)

As far as I remember, PDF copy of the book was on enclosed CD with K&B paper book (at least for older editions, not sure about the latest edition).
Congratulations !!!  

BTW, you do not receive certificate until you do not take training ? but one can take exam without prior taking training ?
if iSeries does not support this flag, run java help on iSeries JDK to check similar setting for this platform.
3 weeks ago
I found the class in several JARs (WAS 8.5.5)
4 weeks ago
I created mock exam for 1Z0-810, link in signature, there are some feedbacks as well.
When I upgraded Java EE 5 Architect to Java EE 6 Architect I only took Part 1 exam.
No need to re-take training.

And OCM JEA Java EE 6 seems to stay (yes, it's attributed as Java EE 6)
Hi !
No certification is pre-requisite for OCM JEA.
However, after you pass all 3 parts you will have to take Oracle training to get certificate (that's a mandatory requirement).
1 month ago
Sent my contacts.

Thanks for the promotion Manning and Coderanch staff.
2 months ago
A question to authors:

I have a feeling that one of the FP paradigm drawback is more difficult code debugging. Based on TOC it's not covered in the book?

Could you share your experience?

What techniques do you use/recommend, besides peek(System.out::println) 8-))

Do you think that modern IDEs (Idea, Eclipse, NetBeans) should become more advanced in terms of debugging and provide more FP debugging functionality ?

2 months ago