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Sent my contacts.

Thanks for the promotion Manning and Coderanch staff.
1 week ago
A question to authors:

I have a feeling that one of the FP paradigm drawback is more difficult code debugging. Based on TOC it's not covered in the book?

Could you share your experience?

What techniques do you use/recommend, besides peek(System.out::println) 8-))

Do you think that modern IDEs (Idea, Eclipse, NetBeans) should become more advanced in terms of debugging and provide more FP debugging functionality ?

1 week ago
Questions to all authors:

1) How fast have you adopted FP style in Java? How much time/efforts did it take?

2) Do you still [ocassionally] code in imperative style (or how big share of your code today is in FP style v.s. imperative style)

3) What libraries to you use to improve your FP code in Java. We use Vavr library ( which seems fills a huge gap which Oracle engineers left when added FP features in Java 8. Do you use by chance Vavr or maybe some other similar FP library? Can you consider Vavr may become part of API as Joda-Time became Java Date/Time API ? ;-)


2 weeks ago
I have some questions related to the accompanying code:

1) I see it published at GitHub, there was just one commit 2 months ago, as well there is .7z copy on the cloud. Are those identical? Or some is newer? Can we expect code on GitHub will be updated (see below) with more details?

2) The code consists of 2 parts: Java and Scala. While it's mostly clear with Java part - it's Maven-based project and can be understood by moderns IDEs as pom.xml driven projects, with Scala part it's not fully clear. From looking at project structure I understand it was created in Eclipse-based IDE (Scala IDE ?). Do you have more details how to import Scala code and make it running? Or it's a homework for developer? 8-)

3) The Java part of code seems (I may be wrong) copy paasted from previous (Java 8 based) edition of the book. It refers Java 8 install, etc.. Which may be confusing for some people. Do you plan to update GitHub instructions to adjust to Java 9 (I assume this is the Java version which books is based on)

2 weeks ago
I am not the author, but I guess the book covers Java SE 9, and it requires advanced level of knowledge.
2 weeks ago
Welcome Raoul-Gabriel, Mario & Alan !  
2 weeks ago
Sorry, guys.
I did some research.
Specialization != certification (although there is dependency).
Specialization is given to business partners by some criteria, one of which is presence of certified employees (Java certified in our case).
Below are details about Java 8 Specialization.
So, the final word: Java 7 exams expiration date not changed, seems it is Dec 31 2018.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Mikalai Zaikin wrote:. . . The quote was from email (see the attached picture) . . . (but it requires authorization, not sure it makes sense for all)

Thank you I couldn't log in; I am presuming the link was personalised for you. When did you access that link?

Today right after received the email.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Please tell us where that inforation and the picture come from. It seems to conflict with the Oracle links Jeanne posted earlier.

The quote was from email (see the attached picture)

The same info shown if click on the link inside email (but it requires authorization, not sure it makes sense for all)

Dear Partner,

Please be advised that on
May 31st, 2019 we will retire the Java Platform, Standard Edition 7 Specialization.

Note that the corresponding exams will be retired as well.


Seems two level domain not available (therefore three level domain not available too)


1) Use hoster's domain name:


2) add in hosts file*) new line

Let me if it helped

*) hosts located on Windows at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Linux at /etc/hosts

Thanks for heads up, I will check what happened.

Stay tuned 8-)

MZ (the owner)

Rob Spoor wrote:If you want to use a view that looks most like the old one, choose "Most recent in last month by category". The only thing I'm missing is a "mark all read" button - that's available on the default view though.

Thank you very much!

It made it look like an old one (not sure if I can notice a difference)
1 month ago