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Recent posts by Mikalai Zaikin

Congratulations !!!
2 weeks ago
I believe there is no Oracle representative on this forum, so we can only make guesses.

I would go for Java 8 exam.
Welcome Toby !
3 months ago

Vineet Murari Nadendla wrote:My GOVT Id proof has my name as " N V Vineet Murari" according to Indian naming convention [last name] [first name] where as I have registered the exam with the name "Vineet Murari N V",
will that be a name mismatch or is it fine to attempt the exam?

IIRC test center asks to bring several IDs. So, you can prove your name with second ID (driver's license, corporate badge, credit card, etc..).

Glad to know my WSD 6 Guide helped.
3 months ago

Just 2 cents:

There could be rare cases when changes in web application settings will require restart server too (e.g.: JNDI names, etc..), but in general , yes - application can be started / stopped independently from server.
3 months ago

Sean Zhang wrote:Dear Kathy, Bert, and Elisabeth,

I've postponed taking 1Z0-810, because I want to read your guide book. Now that you have published this book, I can now schedule my 1Z0-810 exam. Thank you.

BTW, I read your wonderful book of exam guide for 803 and 804.


Hi Sean,

Make sure you checked exam objectives you need to study and you may skip: you're taking 1Z0-810, and book is fo 1Z0-809.

Just FYI...
Welcome Kathy, Bert, and Elisabeth !

Glad to see your new book on CodeRanch promotion !

vidit gupta wrote:Hi Dhriti ,
I have one question on this certification. This certification IZO-897 uses JEE 6.0. Below is one of the topics of this certification :

"Create a web service client for a RESTful web service"

My question is that JEE 6.0 does not provide client api for RESTful web service. Client api was introduced from JEE 7.0

Please, help me to understand how to create the question on this topic. Questions are from jersery or JEE 7.0.


Please refer Ch 7 of my WSD 6 Study Guide

It has listed types of clients which may be asked on exam :

Create a web service client for a RESTful web service
  • 7.1. Use a browser to access a JAX-RS resource
  • 7.2. Use the* APIs to access a JAX-RS resource.
  • 7.3. Use to access a secure JAX-RS resource.
  • 7.4. Use Ajax to access a JAX-RS resource.
  • 7.5. Use the Jersey client API to access a JAX-RS resource.
  • 7.6. Use the JAX-WS HTTP binding to access a JAX-RS resource.

  • HTH,
    5 months ago
    Congratulations, Rodrigo !

    5 months ago

    Campbell Ritchie wrote: The more the differences, the more sense it makes to sit the newer exam.

    There is no (and there will not be) a newer exam.

    Last I heard Oracle worked on generic Java EE 7 exam which includes all thingls like backend, or all things like front end. There will be no specific WS exam for newer JEE versions.
    I guess nobody give you the right answer.
    Only you can give an answer 8-)
    Do what you feel should do 8-)

    erick del rey wrote:

    Ádám Balogh wrote:
    -Mikalai notes

    Hi Adam. What are Mikalai notes? Congrats!!! LODI!

    It's a free notes, URL available in my signature.

    6 months ago

    Patel Ashish wrote:Hi guys,

    It's my first post here... Thank you all for this great community !

    I have passed Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam on o3-March-2018 and feel very much happy.

    I still have very fresh preparation experience and will be glad to help.

    Congratulations !!!
    6 months ago