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Winzip can ?
I have Winzip installed already. Let me check it.
I bought JWebPlus. What free decompress softwares can I use to extract it ?
Bad ! Any test centers which sell Java certificates degrade my Java certificate.
Good, I didn't take my Java exam in India.
17 years ago
Thank everybody.
Strange ! When I put this posting, I saw it appeared here immediately. But after a short while I discoverd that it was removed and cannot be seen anymore. Today I came back and it is here
again. Magic !
Anyway developing time-control while doing mock
exams is really important. Time makes people nervous in the real exam.
17 years ago
Hi Valentin,
If you think of the problem carefully, you will
know that it is a question about behavior of java.awt.Container when adding and removing
components. This problem can be turned to make
a scjp question that adds a component to a container and then remove it. And finally add it
again. The result is .... some strange behavior
of java.awt.Container.
I am trying to write a program which resembles
JQPlus. JQPlus's text input question and multi-
choice question shows different scene. I tried to achieve the same by using JFrame as the main
window and create two other JPanels called
fillPanel and choicePanel. I add fillPanel to
contentPane first. Then I have a menuitem to
toggle the between the two panels. The actionPerformed() of the menuitem is:

The first time I press the menuitem, the display
changed to choicePanel. But then when I press the
second time, the display cannot changed. This
happens no matter how many times more I press. The display can never be changed anymore.
I thought contentPane might be a bit strange on
itself so I change the code. This time I add a
JPanel called masterPanel to contentPane and have
fillPanel and choicePanel added to and removed from masterPanel instead of directly on contentPane. The result was the same that only the first time toggle succeeded. This seems that
when you add a component to a container and
remove it , then you can never add the same component back to the container again. Is it true ?
And does anyone know how to toogle content of a
Frame or JFrame just as JQPlus does when toggling
between text input and multi-choice questions?
Estimation is estimation. There is no gaurantee
that an estimation will come out as expected and
so it is called an estimation.
If your doing mock exams averaged to 90% and you
got 65, then that is really out of estimation.
You just got 8% less. That should still be considered to be within estimation.
Few days ago I passed with 88% and my JQPlus average was 82%. 6% difference is within estimation. I didn't get less than what I did in JQPlus because I did the real exam very very carefully without jumping to conclusion. I spent the all 120 minutes.
Congratulation and be happy. Anything more than
80% shows a determined heart for scjp.
17 years ago
Hello all,
I am trying to write a software which works like
JQPlus. As I know JQPlus put all the scjp questions in a file as a question database. I want to read the whole database to memory and show only one question at a time as JQPlus and
other scjp softwae do. I don't think I can mark
all offsets and lengths of all questions and use
subString() to put a question into a String object and finally use TextArea's setText() to show them in a TextArea. Because it requires me
to count the characters. Simple put,if the database has 100 , then it must be divided into
100 portions, and only one portion will be put into a TextArea at a time.
What Streams are the best to achieve that ?
Thanks for your attention.
17 years ago
Hi Jim,
Can you recommend me some study notes that you
think are good ?
Hi Jaspreet,
I would like to get certificates for both SCJD
and SCWCD. It might be better for me to start
with SCWCD first because SCJD require more effort
on it. When SCJD is the only exam left for me to target for I can spend more time doing the programming assignment and do it nicely.
Thanks for replies from both of you.
Hello all,
I have just passed scjp yesterday. I would like to have a second java certificate as soon as I can. SCWCD and SCJD, which one of them would take me less time to prepare in order to pass ?
SCWCD is held exactly the same way as scjp, but
SCJD is held in a completely differently way. So I guess SCWCD takes less effort to pass. Am I
right ?
Hello guys,
I've passed scjp today. Thanks for everybody here,especially those who answered my postings.
Let me share my experience with you.
After I started learning java for two months I started preparing scjp, and that took another two months plus. I spent four to five hours a day preparing.I was having financial difficulty and so I tried all of my effort to try to pass the exam in the first time without buying another voucher again. I bought two books and JQPlus. JQPlus was very helpful for me. The
questions there are not too strange so they
match the questions of the real exam. Some mock
exams present you with questions that can never
appear in the real one. I didn't see any extra-
ordinary questions like(Float.NaN == Float.NaN )
in the real exam. Of course I worked hard with the books and I spent a lot of time doing mock
exams. I think I have done more than 30 mock exams. Everybody will tell you to study hard and
do a lot of mock exams as I did. So I don't want
to talk about them anymore. I just want to emphasize that you should know how to control time when you take the real exam. When I first
started doing mock exams,I spent about 80 minutes. But I found myself tending to jump to
conclusion when I saw the explanations for the
questions which I did wrong. I could have answered the questions right if I was careful enough. I regreted many times that I didn't analyze the questions with great care. Then I decided to spend more time understanding the
questions. After that I spent about two hours
for a exam. Wow! That was too close to the allowed time period. Yes, that is just too close
and risky.I have no time to review the questions.
Finally I decide to limit the time to 100 minutes
so that I have 20 minutes to do reviewing. Afterwards whenever I did exam I divided the 60 questions to 3 portions, 20 questions each. I must complete 20 questions in 35 minutes( some time a bit less than 1/3 of the overall time ).
With this target in mind, I was able to "examine
the question as thoroughly as possible and "still
have some time to do reviewing" for the rest of
exams I did. Today when I took the real exam I was able to examine the questions carefully enough even for code which is quite short. Note
that short code is where you will most likely jump to conclusion. When I finished the last questions I have four questions which I marked and had not give answers. And I have 18 minutes
left ( Just as I used to be ). Wow! that was just too good. I had just enough time to think about those questions and the rest of the marked questions. I went through them without missing anyone of them. At last I answered all of the questions without any of them chosen by random.
So the conclusions is :

So develop your time-control !
17 years ago
I've just passed it today. My test center is not
in a remote and unknown island of Pacific Ocean, but they told me that I will get my certificate in 6 to 8 weeks.
17 years ago
" Using these materials together, you'll need only 2 weeks to prepare for and pass the exam, even if you're a beginner. "
A beginner ? No way !
I just passed scjp with 88% today. I prepared the exam for 9 weeks with at least five hours a day. And I know how to program in assembly, C++ and Visual C++. I spent two weeks just to do JQPlus ! I took me two hours to do a mock exam. And after I finished do it, I took another three hours to go through every question and its explanation carefully. There are 10 mock exams in JQPlus. That took me 50 hours. Then I did the
pratice exams and the random exams. And I didn't
get even 90%.
For a beginner, four months are needed at least,
unless he/she just want to passed the exam with
17 years ago
Hi srinivas ,
Think carefully about the question.
" which of these event classes are never handled in the event listener model? "
The question implies that the specified event class is handled differently from the other event classes.And that further implies that the class EXISTS. So any event classes which don't
exist should not be considered correct answers.