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What about some controversy?
Rumor has it (or so I am told by the Europenan HR Manager of a well known technology company), that computer staff, including Java programmers, developers and architects, typically suffer from two flaws. These flaws are so common that they are simply accepted as being a fact of life. The first relates to communication skills (that is the ability to talk to non IT staff understandably); and secondly a lack of commercial awareness.
The first point I cannot help with, the second - possibly.
Before you start screaming that "I have been a contractor for x years and know how to run my own business" then please accept that I do know this. While running a one man business where you typically work for one client at a time, is running a business, it is rather different from running an international organisation.
For my own part, After graduating from University with an honours degree in economics, I went on to become a Chartered Accountant, with price Waterhouse, before becoming professionally qualified in Marketing. After leaving Price Waterhouse I spent six years running my own consultancy business (with premises and staff, dealing with numerous clients at a time). While I originaly studied computer programming at University in 1983, and have used computers daily since, I have only fairly recently turned to formalising my computer skills. I will be sitting the three SCEA J2EE exams fairly shortly.
For my part my varied business background has been invaluable in getting me in the door. With a recession approaching employers are going to become more selective in the use of computer contractors as projects are shelved. Perhaps those computer staff with commercial awareness will be in a stronger position to win the plum assignments?
I would be interested to find your opinion on the combination of commercial awareness and computer skills. What do you think?
Looking forward to hearing from you. If you want to criticise this posting, then please do - constructively!
20 years ago
I am currently working with a small UK based International logistics company where I am currently reengineering the operations of the company, by fully computerising the business, with a distinct focus on Java technology (although VB6 also used). Improving both turnover and profitability are key drivers, as well as providing a launchpad to penetrating new markets. I have also designed a complementary marketing strategy.
From Jan/Feb the strategic development and implementation of this project will be complete, and while I can stay on to deal with future development and maintenance, I would rather find new strategic projects where I can use all of my skills.
I expect to be qualified as a SCEA in Java 2 by the end of Jan. I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1991 (with Price Waterhouse, London)and as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 1995. I am a graduate of economics. Hence I am able to design solutions to business issues with a clear technical, financial and marketing focus.
If anyone is looking for a Java Architect or Project Manager to start early next year, I would be interested in talking to see if my skills match your requirements.
I see my key skills (in addition to those noted above) as:-
1. Ability to sell projects at director level, while being able to work with the most junior staff.
2. Ability to understand how computers and Java technology can lead the profitable growth of a business.
I am willing to work almost anywhere in the world on a contract basis, and am happy to give blood in return for adequate remuneration.
I may not be the most experienced pure Java architect, but my rounded business, issue identifying and resolving, experience enables me to improve a business's bottom line.
Please let me know if you require any further information.

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21 years ago