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Recent posts by Serene Chow

Hi All,
I need the search functionalty in my website and hence started working on Lucene. (
I followed the steps as per the demo, and it worked well in Standalone system. Now I want to incorporate the same indexing and search functionalty in my web site.
In this page ( When I come to the following step:
Under the title 'Deploying the Demos', they said 'Located in
your distribution directory you should see a war file called luceneweb.war'.
But I can't find this file anywhere.
Can any one please help me how I can get this search functionality in my web site. Or is there any other way thru which I can get the search functionality in my website.
Thankyou so much in anticipation,
18 years ago
Hi freinds,
Through my client side applet I connect to Reuters server
and retreive Stock names. From this applet I call
javascript function and load all these Stock names into
javascript array. Now I need to open a child window which
should get populated with these stock names. Imean pass this
javascript array to the child window to populate the stock names
in a drop down select box.
Can any one please help me how to do this.
Thanks lot in advance,
18 years ago
Quiet simple buddy. Use this code:
function loadPage()
if (document.getElementById) {
// DOM3 = IE5, NS6
document.getElementById('hidepage').style.visibility = 'hidden';
} else{
if (document.layers) { // Netscape 4
document.hidepage.visibility = 'hidden';
}else { // IE 4 = 'hidden';
and call this function on load of the page
and ensure that you a div tag in html code to display what ever message you need to display while processing.
18 years ago
From a JSP page in my current location, I need to pull the resultant contents of an ASP page which resides on a different web server.
In other words I need your idea to acheive the
CFHTTP functionality through JSP.
Thanks in advance.
18 years ago