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Recent posts by Nelson Nadal

Are there any existing patterns we can apply in the development for this new device or environment? How steep is the learning curve from ordinary java programmer? Thankd
4 years ago
Is the site official, true, authentic ( I received email from you promoting the site, just want to make sure if this is really coming from you, thanks.
5 years ago
I installed jdk1.6 and its ok.
When I installed Java Application Server PE it created another directory and file javac.exe 1.4 and put it in the path.

When I use and IDE the compilation is ok.

When I compile under DOS command, other objects cant find and generates "cannot find symbol" error.

What will going to I delete? Thanks.
6 years ago
as a follow up... according to WEB SERVICES FAQ... JAX-RPC, JWSDP, Axis 1, Apache SOAP are now obsolete... and those are discussed on those books I mentioned. That's why I am asking if I am just wasting my time reading it or at least if I will gain something as a starter to web services, thanks..
6 years ago
I got books about Java and Web Services (below)

XML programming: Web Application and WEb Srvices with JSP,
XML Web Services Professional Projects,
Pro XML Dev w/Java technology,
Building Web Services with Java

but it published around 2003, 2002.... is it worthwhile to read and learn from it or I am just wasting my time? Many thanks.

6 years ago
I'm just newbie in JSF and I was stuck in this code for the whole day.

I've got a simple JSP program where you can put on a textfield and guess the generated random number, it has a link where you can reload (to generate new random number and initialize the i variable as number of attemps made) . When I use the navigational case xml in faces-config.xml and use the class in CODE A, the program is working fine.

But when I modified the the class and make another class as listener the i variable and generatedNumber is not initializing anymore. I almost ran out of solution. Please help.

the jsp program simply runs like this.

in start of prgram, the class will generated a random number (0-9).
Then I will put my number to guess.
If not correct i variable will increment by one (this is the number of attempts made)

In case I click the 'Reload' link, there should be another random number and i variable shld go to 0 again.

The problem:
When I click 'Reload' link its not doing another random number, and i variable never return to 0
the old random number shows and i variable continues to increment.

Other story:
The CODE A, this is working fine. When I click' Reload' in my JSP, its generated new number and variable i initializes again.

Then I changed it as listener, then the problem (I stated above) occurs.

I hope my story is clear, I really stuck in this problem, thanks and appreciate your help. If you need more clearer explanation please just tell me to elaborate more.



9 years ago
yes you're right, this is only matter of testing or familiriazation of generated html by JSF custom tag.
Thanks again.
9 years ago

just want to know if it is advisable to mix up CSS to my JSF file? or its not a big deal not to use some JSF html custom tag library?
It seems other CSS has no effecgt to some JSF html custom tag like the <h:commandButton>.
But for the <hutputText> it's fine.

9 years ago
I'm a web developer (passed SWCD) but wanted to get SCJD too.

I 've SCJD Exam with J2SE 5, but to be honest I got lost always in the middle of Thread topic. I knew generally how it works but the details makes me always sick. I always restart that topic to understand it. So I cant move on.

I dont know if there is another way around to have a good look on SJCD.

Maybe I just need encouragement or more advice how to approach this kind of review. Am I just going to code, compile and run the provided codes here first and then later just read the explanation.

Thanks, just confuzed here.
Thanks a lot, i thought this a new reserved keyword.
Thank you very much for prompt reply, will read more on this. Till next time.
10 years ago
Here is the part of the code from a book titled Web Development:Using Struts by instantCode

Just want to know what is nill? is it the same as null? Thanks.
I have a login.jsp that when you submit the action is /login

it has a that has a code...

in struts-config.xml

... so when it forwards to "/Search.jsp" my question is...
will it execute the indicated also in struts-config.xml (below)?

What I only know is, it will only execute if submit a form and the action in the form is action="/search". Or it will still execute even only you forward it to "/Search.jsp"?

Please enlighten me, thanks
10 years ago
Im just new to struts, though I've read some documentation with <logic resent name> tag I still dont understand it...

My question is is the name attribute referring to ANY object variable present in the session?

10 years ago